Helsinki Consultation welcomes 7th Day Adventist into its “fellowship of faith”

The Helsinki Consultation is a forum for Messianic Jewish scholars to explore an academic understanding in the role of Torah-living for Messianic Jews. This summer, the Helsinki Consultation welcomed a 7th Day Adventist, Jacques Doukhan, to address the conference, and be part of a joint “fellowship of faith“.

7th Day Adventism is a strange movement deviating wildly from the New Testament, which teaches that the judgement for believers in Jesus began in 1844, when Jesus began a new phase of ministry. This teaching “Investigative Judgement” was invented by the movement after they incorrectly predicted Jesus would return to Earth in 1843.

According to this teaching, our sins have been mystically transferred to a heavenly sanctuary, and Jesus will again remove these sins, but only if we are holy enough, following his post-1844 investigations.

For Messianic Jews who take Paul and the Gospels seriously, this is quite clearly a load of rubbish. Yeshua is the Good Shepherd and knows his sheep. His redemptive work did not begin in 1844, but rather Yeshua said “it is complete” at his own crucifixion. His resurrection – and not a false promise of his 2nd coming in 1843 – assures us of eternal life for all those who repent of our sins and put our trust in Him.

So why did Helsinki invite a 7th Day Adventist?

Whilst on the surface the Helsinki Conference appears to be about Jewish religious practice in the light of the New Testament, in reality it has been a vehicle for Mark Kinzer and others to promote Christian ecumenism amongst Messianic Jews.

The Helsinki Consultation has a tradition of distancing itself from low-church evangelical Jewish voices who value Paul’s writings above any denominational traditions, in favour of Jews in high-church settings.

Now with its welcoming of a 7th Day Adventist whose teachings will only further confuse the more impressionable Messianic Jews amongst us, it feels as if Helsinki is lurching further away from the clear teachings of the Brit HaHadashah, in favour of divisive debates. Titus instructs us not to begin pointless discussions of the Torah and other controversies, and we would do well to heed his advice.

I think quite frankly, Orthodox Jews would also be happy to see Messianic Jews stop acting as if we could co-opt their Torah-living into our own Yeshua-centred faith walks. When we do so, it seems like to Orthodox Jews like an insincere parody of their own faith.

It would be an unfortunate irony if the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement, in a misguided obsession to find an exciting theological position on the Torah, helped to shipwreck the faith of many Messianic Jews they are trusted to lead, by allowing patently false teachings to seep in to our movement.

This is why it is not helpful to Bibilically-grounded Messianic Jews, for purportedly Messianic gatherings like the Helsinki Consultation to include a 7th Day Adventist in its “fellowship of faith”.

We should expect better from the Helsinki Consultation.

Rav Pinto: Messiah ben Yosef Prepares the Way for Messiah ben David

משיח בן יוסף מכין את הדרך למשיח בן דוד. הרב פינטו

Rav Pinto teaching that Messiah ben Yosef prepares the Way for Messiah ben David. Mashiach ben Yosef needs to die and then Mashiach ben David comes (at 00:59).

This is in Hebrew, so if you don’t know Hebrew well enough, sorry! It is instructive to hear what the rabbonim say about Mashiach when they are not in Yad L’Achim anti-missionary mode.

Sami Awad voiced admiration for Palestinian terrorists. Now he is welcomed by London church.


Sami Awad is feted in some Christian circles as a non-violent peace activist, and is an organiser of the Christ at the Checkpoint conference, alongside friends at  the Bethlehem Bible College. Awad will soon be fundraising in London, at the St James Church in Piccadilly.

American Christian author Carl Medearis calls Sami Awad “a modern Martin Luther King Junior.” But why, given Awad’s glowing language when speaking about terrorists?

Take the PFLP: a Palestinian terror organisation that was founded by George Habash, whom Time Magazine called “Terrorism’s Christian godfather“. The PFLP is claiming responsibility for the Har Nof Synagogue massacre this past week that left four Jewish rabbis and a Druze Arab policeman dead; murdered at morning prayer.

Specifically, the PFLP’s military wing the Ali Abu Mustafa Brigades is taking responsibility for this.

CAMERA reports:

The PFLP, which was founded by a Palestinian Christian (and terrorist) by the name of George Habash, enjoys a vaunted place in the imagination of Christians in Bethlehem. In September 2007, the Holy Land Trust, founded and led by Sami Awad, held a protest in honor of Abu Ali Mustafa, who served as secretary General of the PFLP prior to his death in 2006. Judging from this 2000 interview, Mustafa was clearly a supporter of violence against Israel, even as other Palestinian organizations were negotiating with Israel.

We read on the Holy Land Trust website that Awad “commemorated” Abu Ali Mustafa, and other Palestinian martyrs.

Who is Mustafa? Israel’s MFA explains:

1. Mustafa Ali Kasam Zabiri, also known as Abu Ali Mustafa – born in Araba in the Jenin district, was chosen general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP/Habash) following the resignation of the previous general secretary and founder of the organization, George Habash (May 2000). Mustafa acted as a member of the Political Bureau and the Central Committee of the organization. He also served as a member of the Central Council of the PLO and the Palestinian National Council.

2. Mustafa was a veteran of the PLO and was politically active since the 60’s, considered to be an extremist and Pro-Syrian. He was against the Oslo agreements and supported the military struggle against Israel. In an interview that was granted to the Al-Kuds newspaper in ’96, Mustafa stated that he would not even consider integrating his organization in the Palestinian Authority, due to the difference in opinions between the two bodies.

3. With the beginning of the current conflict Mustafa returned to support the “armed struggle”, and his organization began executing extensive terrorist operations, part of which took place within Israeli territory.

4. Important points in his life and organizational activity:

  • 1966 – Was a member of the Commune Alarab movement, member of the PLO.

  • 1969 – Military representative in the PFLP/Habash in Jordan.

  • 1971 – Began operating in Lebanon.

  • 1972 – Was connected with the Lufthanza plane hijacking (ran the negotiations on behalf of the terrorists).

  • 1975 – Military representative and member of the Central Committee.

  • 1981 – Member of the Political Bureau, spent time in Syria.

  • 1987 – Was appointed member of the Executive Council of the PLO.

  • 1996 – Was appointed in charge of internal operations of the organization.

  • September 1999 – Returned to the Palestinian Authority territories.

  • May 2000 – Abu Ali Mustafa was appointed General Secretary of the organization after the resignation of George Habash.

The PFLP’s armed “brigades” are named after Abu Ali Mustafa.

Sami Awad has also called Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan a “national hero“, and has spoken glowingly about how the Palestinian Hezbollah murderer Mohamed Shehadeh was admired for “standing up to the Israelis.”

Will perceptions change about Sami Awad?

We are not holding our breath, frankly.

Rabbi Shalom Cohen Blames Knife Intifada on Secularism in Israel

In response to the brutal murders of praying men in a Jerusalem synagogue this morning, Rabbi Shalom Cohen Shlita, head of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael explains that the bitul Torah and complacency are contributory causes to such horrific acts.

So… why an attack where Torah is being studied and not a coffee shop? Why is a rabbi misusing this attack to pursue his agenda any better than Palestinian apologists claiming it is all the fault of “the occupation”?

See more here.

Cahn’s Shmatte Shemitah!

10609422_947382771942478_2074838287130627191_nJonathan Cahn’s book The Mystery of the Shemitah is wowing parts of the Christian world avid for new revelation from God’s revelation, the Bible. However it is increasingly difficult to find new “truths” or “revelations” after thousands of years of rabbis, scholars and preachers pouring over each letter and word.

Cahn, however, wants us to believe that he has, and seeks to demonstrate his claim that the shemitah, the Shabbat of years-given to Israel, an agricultural rest of land on every seven years, is somehow now mystically applied to wider human history, in particular American history.

Cahn is America-centric as he repeats the claim in his book The Harbinger that God visits judgement on America every seven years. The premise is that because God judged ancient Israel for failure to rest the land of Israel from agricultural work every seven years, America is being judged for failure to keep God’s Word. However the leap taken from Israel to America has no Biblical warrant or justification, just a shamtty argument that takes leaps and bounds over history and facts and effectively turns America into the Chosen Nation. It is ironic that a Messianic Jewish ministry leader should come up with a teaching which is like Replacement Theology: when you read Israel it really means America! In chapter seven Cahn even has titles like this “The Israel of the New World” and “The Fall of the Second Israel

Rather than the Mystery of the Shemitah we are asking about the mystery of any proof, his many “factual” claims are without references and proof- I wonder why?

It is sad to see the Messianic Movement being used as a theological curiosity to promote even more curious ideas.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, Cahn covers himself in an interview, after all his many claims, by saying “Nothing significant has to happen within the Shemitah of 2014-2015″.

For an in-depth analysis and critique of Cahn’s book read here.