Murder Revenge-Murder in Israel

It is deeply disturbing to see young teenagers being murdered by extreme nationalists on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. Israeli leaders have condemned the murder of both Jews and Arabs boys. It is instructive to consider and compare the reaction to both sets of murders. When three Israeli boys were kidnapped a nation joined in prayer and when there bodies were found the Jewish people joined the parents and families in their grief. When, as it is reported, 6 Jewish extreme nationalists kill an Arab teenager in apparent revenge for the death of three young Jewish teens, the Arab street erupts in violence with people being dragged from their cars and violently beaten.

So when an innocent Arab teenager is murdered in revenge for the murder of three innocent Israeli Jewish teenagers the Arab street erupts in protest and attacks more innocent Israelis in their cars, homes and on the street. Why did the Palestinians not have prayers meetings as the Israelis did, why did they riot instead. Why is the death of the three Israeli teens murdered by Palestinians eclipsed by the death of a Palestinian teen and now America seems more outraged at the beating on an Arab-American teen than the death of one of the three Jewish teens who was also an American citizen? All these teens should be remembered, mourned and their deaths equally condemned, not used as a pretext and excuse for even more violence.

In memoriam Eyal, Gilad and Naftali

abducted-teens-660x400Here is Rabbi Jonathan Sacks moving memorial to the three murdered Israeli teenagers.

This past Shabbat we read the parsha of Chukkat with its almost incomprehensible commandment of the red heifer whose ashes mixed with “living water” purified those who had been in contact with death so that they could enter the Mishkan, symbolic home of the glory of God. Almost incomprehensible but not entirely so…

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