The funeral of Karen Yemima Muscara

We at RPP were very saddened and shocked to learn of the death of a young Ecuadorian lady, who had moved to Israel to convert to Judaism. She was murdered by a Hamas-supporting terrorist, who also killed a baby when he drove his car deliberately into a stop along the Jerusalem light railway.

We pray for her family to find solace and comfort, and to know divine peace in the coming days, weeks and months in the midst of their sorrow. Baruch dayan haemet.

John Piper pronounced woes against Israel “on behalf of the prophets”


John Piper

Professing to speak on behalf of God’s prophets, prominent evangelical theologian John Piper proclaimed woe upon the state of Israel in 1982.

Piper’s decree against Israel stands proudly still on his website Desiring God:

There is no reason to think that after 2,500 years Israel now can claim God’s sanction for her unbelief and rebellion. She stands under judgment. If she does not repent and turn to her Savior-Messiah she will be devoured by the sword.

Therefore, woe to the followers of Christ who condone the displacement of 600,000 Lebanese citizens at the point of Jewish rifles. Woe to the Christians who think Jesus Christ sanctions the killing of 10,000 Lebanese because the bullets came from Israeli tanks. God does not sanction the sins of this rebel people. They stand under his judgment for their sins. Our response can be only this: an outcry of righteous indignation against Israel’s arrogance and aggression; and a prayer that they might repent and be saved before it is too late.

On behalf of the prophets,

Pastor John

Israel had entered Southern Lebanon to combat Palestinian terror groups based there, after terrorists from the Abu Nidal Organisation had tried to assassinate the Israeli Ambassador to London – Shlomo Argov would eventually die as a result of his wounds.

The scene outside the Dorchester Hotel when Argov was shot

The scene outside the Dorchester Hotel when Argov was shot

Argov was shot in the head by as he walked out of the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair.


Ambassador Shlomo Argov

Piper’s response to the war lacked the nuance that a godly response would have included. Piper did not just criticise aspects of Israel’s military campaign, but implied that Israel had no right to go to war because “she stands under judgement”! His response also lacked the practical wisdom of the apostles in Acts 17:26-27, that:

 From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.

Piper echoed the threatening language of Palestinian terror propaganda by suggesting that if Israelis do not change their ideologies and beliefs en masse, they will be “devoured by the sword”!

It also seems strange that Piper assumes that the prophets would back his polemical views over international counter-terrorism in the Middle East – so much so that he claims to speak his woes against Israel upon their behalf.

Indy buries story of murdered Jewish baby; focuses instead on briefly detained Palestinian boy

Originally posted on CiF Watch:

On Oct. 19th, per a video releasedby B’tselem, a Palestinian boy was arrested in Hebron for throwing stones at soldiers.  Fifteen minutes later, the soldiers released the boy after his father arrived and explained that he was mentally disabled.

On Oct. 22nd, a Palestinian Hamas supporter (Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, from the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem) with a history of antisemitic violence, rammed his car into pedestrians standing a light rail platform in Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing a 3 month old baby (Chaya Zissel Braun) and injuring others.

If you were the editor of a major British daily, which story would you be more likely to highlight?

Well, evidently editors at the Independent decided that the story of a briefly detained Palestinian stone thrower was of greater importance than the terrorist murder of a Jewish infant.  

Here’s a snapshot of the headline and photo of an…

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Director of Israel Center for Cult Abuse: Yad L’Achim don’t help Jews trapped in actual cults

Goel Ratzon: an actual cult leader

Goel Ratzon: an actual cult leader

Here is a startling revelation from Naomi Ragen in the Jerusalem Post, in which she relates the experiences of Rachel Liechtenstein, the Director of Israel Center for Cult Abuse, with Yad L’Achim:

2011, an 18-year-old religious girl from a broken home visited Jerusalem. While standing next to the Bridge of Strings, she was approached by a woman she slightly knew, who invited her to learn about Breslov. Naïve and troubled, she found herself joining a communal household led by a gray-bearded “prophet,” who espoused what he said was Breslov hassidism, all the while trying to seduce her and make her part of his harem. Unlike the other women who succumbed to the physical and emotional abuse and sexual perversities visited upon them daily, which stunned them into terrified obedience, the youngest novitiate bravely found her way to the Israel Center for Cult Abuse, and its director Rachel Lichtenstein.

A petite young woman in a dark wig, Lichtenstein is a former Bais Yaakov girl, who became involved in the center after working against missionaries in Yad L’Achim. Disturbed at being told not to get involved with victims of missionizing haredi cults because it was beyond their mandate, she moved over to the center, first as a volunteer, and then as full-time director.

So Yad L’Achim, which is a Chabad-run organisation invests its energies in calling Messianic Jews “cults”, even though Messianic Jewish organisations generally do not oblige or insist people to attend their meetings, emphasising freedom of individual choice, instead allowing room for God’s grace and ruach hakodesh to work in the lives of people weighing up the merits of faith in Yeshua.

But when an actual cult emerges, where people use a veneer of respectable religious teachings to pressure women into sex, Yad L’Achim are suddenly nowhere to be found.