Anti-Missionaries’ Magazine Converts Missionary!

Yad L'Achim magazine

Yad L’Achim magazine

Israel National News reports a story that a “top missionary”, what ever one of those is, has been converted after he “saw the Jewish light” by reading the first issue the Yad L’Achim “Searching” magazine. Could Yad L’Achim rip-off Christian missionary tactics in any more a blatant way! However, that being said we welcome the shift away from standard Yad L’Achim practice of stalking people, to this magazine.

There is no elaboration online or corroborative facts with this story. Was this man a Messianic Jews, or a Jehovah Witness or another religious group active in Israel. Maybe we just have to search in the pages of “Mechapsim” to find out whether this is made-up or the standard exaggeration by Yad L’Achim enthusiasts in order to raise support.


Amitai Schiff who left the Messianic Jewish faith revert to Orthodox Judaism, now courted by anti-Messianic groups who want to help them spy and gather data on Messianic Jews.

In Israel a missionary can be anything from Yad L’Achim, to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to Messianic Jews, to Christians of any type! It is now public that the young man is called Amitai Schiff, and he was not a missionary of any sort, just a normal member/attender of a Messianic Congregation in Israel. According to Israel Today when he went home to visit his dying grandfather the family got a ‘professional’ anti-Messianic rabbi to speak to him and convince him to return to Judaism.

Here are some Israeli Messianic Jews responding to the first issue of the Yad L’Achim magazine:

Mark Powers: Atheist Jews Not Jews, Lubavitch Meshichistim Not Jews & Messianic Jews NOT Jews

Director of the anti-missionary Magen League, Mark Powers, claims a whole list of Jewish-born Jews are not really Jewish because they do not believe what he believes.

According to Powers in his discussion here on the RPP comments section,atheist Jews, New Ages Jews, Buddhist Jews, Messianic Jews and other Jews who follow other religious ideologies, are no longer Jews. Unlike the rabbi in USA Today who told his congregant: “‘You know Maxim, God doesn’t care whether you believe in him or not. All that he cares is that you do the right thing.’ Our action in the world is much more important.” However, for Powers this list of atheist Jews is really a list of non-Jews.

Powers however, accepts agnostic Jews who are not sure or couldn’t be bothered to make up their minds what they believe, as still Jews.

That being said, if all these atheist, New Age and JuBu’s (Jewish Buddhists) are no longer Jewish, then people like Mark Powers can’t complain when people like this come to faith in Yeshua that missionaries are taking Jews away from the Jewish people, because according to Powers they have already left!

Yad L’Achim asks Pope to ban Mission

Yad L'Achim Hanukkah event

Yad L’Achim Hanukkah event for the vulnerable

Yad L’Achim have written to the Pope asking him not just to condemn missionary work to the Jewish people, but to ban it!

It seems Yad L’Achim has a higher view of the Pope’s authority that most Protestants, non-conformists and Messianic Jews have. Additionally they show their ignorance in thinking that the Pope could ban, even if he wanted to, non-Catholic Christians and Messianic Jews from anything!

The Arutz Sheva reports:

The letter cited the efforts of thousands of missionaries in 150 communities, adding that they prey upon distresssed portions of the population, offering aid to the sick, disabled, aging and new immigrants.

In an obvious exaggeration of facts Yad L’Achim include anyone who is a Messianic Jew, irrespective of employment, under the rubric of “missionary” in order to heighten anxiety and promote their own missionary/kiruv cause.

Yad L’Achim criticises Christians and Messianic Jews for showing kindness to needier elements of society, which is a foundational aspect of a faith commitment, whilst doing the same thing themselves.

Read full story here

Yad L’Achim’s Clumsy Opposition to Jews for Jesus in Israel

A legal religious promotion campaign by Jews for Jesus in Israel has provided the anti-Missionary organization Yad L’Achim with many opportunities for them to prove that they are the last defense for Jewish identity against the mighty onslaught of missionary activity. I was being ironic!

Benny Vulcan at the Jews for Jesus market stall

Benny Vulcan at the Jews for Jesus market stall

Yad L’Achim activists have sought to create social unrest and even riot conditions at a market where Jews for Jesus had set up a stall offering books to whoever wanted them. Yad L’Achim new poster-boy henchman who seems to have replaced former Soviet policeman Alex Artovski, but continues his dirty tricks, is Benny Vulcan. Vulcan, no stranger to controversy and stalking of Israeli Messianic Jews outside places of worship, is right at the heart of most recent trouble caused by Yad L’Achim. Once again he is in this photo of the Jews for Jesus market stall that was closed by the police because of, as Yad L’Achim euphemistically called it, “disturbances near the booth”.

One of my favorite photos from Yad L’Achim is the one captionedThe few against the

Yad L'Achim comedy caption: The few against the many.

Yad L’Achim comedy caption: The few against the many.

many. At the Goral intersection at the entrance to Beersheva.” In fact there are two men holding a banner with one man getting into the face of one of the banner-men with a second one taking the photo. Not quite one against the many, rather two against two, but hey don’t expect Yad L’Achim to be telling the truth any time soon.

The blanket coverage of southern Israel with the message of Yeshua was sure to generate opposition, including the arrest and subsequent release of a Jews for Jesus activist. However to rub salt into the wounds, despite their best efforts Yad 1460208_257001754450158_525992670_nL’Achim have been frustrated again. Text messages were send to many people repeating the message on the roadside banners. Yad Y’Achim put photos of the SMS up but received complaints that they were helping the missionaries as they had not sufficiently covered up the contact number or email! Yad L’Achim could only complain of their “sneaky creativity” in an article for Israel National News.

I am just waiting for someone to claim that Yad L’Achim has been played by an even greater “sneaky creativity” for causing them to generate more publicity for the Jews for Jesus campaign than they had even paid for in the press adverts.

Threat to Kill Messianic Rabbi?

Threat against Shapira: ""Time to kill the kosher pig.

Threat against Shapira: “”Time to kill the kosher pig.

Tzahi Shapira has attracted the ire of many anti-Messianics, it is in their interest to try to discredit him and his book The Return of the Kosher Pig. Though there are some mistakes in the book, as there are in most books, he is obviously hitting an anti-Messianic tender spot. It may be because his was brought up Sephardi Orthodox and speaks fluent Hebrew, dismissing the two main claims against Messianic Jews from the anti-Messianics, first of not being brought up Orthodox and secondly not knowing Hebrew. This may explain the frenzy of anti-Messianic activity that Shapira has faced, including the recent veiled threat against him: “Time to Kill the Kosher Pig”. Shapira has taken this threat seriously and reported it to the authorities.

Tom Cantor anti-Missionary Public Enemy Number One!

Baptist bus driving in Jewish area sparks complaints

Baptist bus driving in Jewish area sparks complaints

Tom Cantor, as we reported last month here, is rapidly becoming public enemy number one for the anti-missionary/anti-messianic networks. Ironically this article in the utilizes the ancient anti-Semitic canard of a rich Jew seeking to influence public opinion and implies wrong-doing of some sort or a degree of nefarious behaviour.

The missionary effort is being financed by Tom Cantor, who was born into a Jewish family and who is the president of a medical products company in southern California. He said he spends more than $4 million a year to push his concept in the United States and elsewhere. The $1 million summer blitz focuses on Jewish areas in Baltimore as well as in other major East Coast cities.

The author of this hysterical piece Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu gets his facts wrong when he quotes a claim by Arthur C. Abramson “even the most liberal rabbi would reject the notion of a “Jewish Christian.”” Yet this claim evaporates under the facts, for example liberal Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok’s position in his books Messianic Judaism and Voices of Messianic Judaism: Confronting Critical Issues Facing a Maturing Movement there is also another liberal rabbi Carol Harris-Shapiro who wrote Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi’s Journey Through Religious Change in America.

The article seeks to stigmatize the very notion of religious freedom expressed by an attempt, as old as religion itself, to convince others of the correctness and truth of said religious belief.

Ben-Gedalyahu also homes-in on the modest dress of these Baptist girls and attempts to paint it as an attempt to confuse. If the author knew conservative Baptists at all he would know modest dress was a part of that sub-culture too, however he prefers to sling whatever mud he can find and hope something sticks.

The Baptist girls approach them in modest clothing, giving the impression that they may be Orthodox Jews, although Lou Rossi, a pastor of  church helping the campaign  told the Sun he does not think the women are trying to deceive anyone.

However inconsistent claims and factual deficiency is an essential part of the anti-Missionary narrative. The Baltimore Jewish community is claimed to be cohesive and the missionary invasion, of ten Baptist girls, is such a threat to that! However such cohesiveness is marred by assimilation, so the community is not as cohesive as was claimed then!

The Jewish community in Baltimore is highly cohesive and includes one of the highest percentages of orthodox Jews in the country. It also suffers from the same crisis of assimilation that threatens every other Jewish community in the Diaspora.

The ten Baptist girls come from a church that has missionaries all over the world. They can hardly be claimed to be targeting the Jewish community. Yet the level of sensitivity and hysteria is evident, even a Baptist bus driving through the Jewish area is cause for complaint.

touring Jewish neighborhoods with a van marked “Granite Baptist Church”  is a cause of complaints from Jewish residents.

Ruth Guggenheim of Jews for Judaism stated the obvious as if it were some kind of profound hidden truth. “This is no different than the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to your door.” Nor is it any different from political parties or TV adverts or Jews for Judaism trying to get us to consider their ideology or products!