IFCJ and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein: Soft on Terrorism?

That’s the question the Rosh Pina Project is posing tonight.

Would you trust Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, further than you could throw him?

JewishIsrael wouldn’t, and neither would we.

Yechiel Eckstein: sneers at Messianic Jews

With the anti-missionary organisations like Yad L’Achim and jewishisrael.com you at least know where you stand.

With Rabbi Eckstein, however, there is plenty of twisting and turning as he attempts to milk the evangelical world for all its worth.

Not known for his modesty, Eckstein boasts that:

to this day I am the only Jew in the world working full-time and more to reach out to this huge constituency and encourage their support for Israel.

And don’t believe for a second that Eckstein has any real love for Christians:

The bottom line is that Evangelical Christians are a tremendous reservoir of potential support for Israel that remains essentially untapped. They are strategic allies of Israel. 

Got that? Evangelical Christians are ‘strategic allies.’

Which brings us to our next point.

Messianic Jews.

Here’s Eckstein speaking about Messianic Jews and evangelicals:

What I’m sensing now, and I’m concerned about it, is a deliberate effort on the part of some evangelical groups to affirm their messianic components,”[…]

“Until now, evangelicals “have realized that if they want to have relations with the Jewish community and Israel they have to put messianic groups aside because they know people like myself aren’t going to work with them.”

So not only does Eckstein seek the support of evangelical Christians, he also has the chutzpah to tell them which groups they may or may not associate with! Evangelical Christians should seriously think about withdrawing their funding from the IFCJ, or alternatively holding their leadership to account.

If Messianic Jews aren’t welcome, then what’s the point of the IFCJ?

Evangelical Christians genuinely wanting to help Israel would do far better donating to the nation’s indigenous messianic community and those protecting them such as the Hate Crimes Prevention Fund, rather than corrupt organisations like the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Want more proof?

Here’s Rabbi Eckstein speaking on his ICFJ blog about serial murderer Yaakov ‘Jack’ Teitel:

It is very telling that, among the condemnation and soul-searching, are comparisons between Teitel and the terrorist masterminds of organizations like Hamas: Israel’s leading daily, Ha’aretz, called Teitel “the Jewish counterpart of ‘The Engineer,’ Yehiya Ayyash.”

What a comparison.

Ayyash was a master bomb-maker who, in the mid 1990s, transformed the effectiveness of Hamas suicide bombing campaigns. He was personally responsible for the deaths of more than 125 Israelis and left more than 500 maimed before being killed in 1996 by a booby-trapped cellphone planted by the IDF. Arab newspapers mourned that “one of the nation’s most beloved and respected sons has left this world” and more than 100,000 Palestinians attended his funeral. He continues to be lionized by many Palestinian and Muslim leaders and Syrian TV even ran a mini-series memorializing his “life and work” during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.

The comparison shows the near-impossibility of there being a Jewish counterpart to Ayyash.

In other words, Eckstein has chosen the one example he could find of someone who caused more damage than Teitel, and used it to push the line that Teitel isn’t the Jewish counterpart to Ayyash.

He is though.

As if the terrorism of Jack Teitel is dependent on public sympathy or numbers killed! Teitel is a terrorist and a murderer: plain and simple.

Teitel is on record as having told Israeli investigators:

If the wheel were to turn back, I would do it all again.”

But instead of using his blog as a platform to call for greater tolerance and some soul-searching within Israel, Eckstein uses the forum to try to turn this into an issue of Zionism and anti-Zionism.

Most unforgiveably, Eckstein can’t even bring himself to use the term Jewish terrorist without using speech marks.

Eckstein is a thoroughly unscrupulous man who has bullied and guilt-tripped the evangelical community for decades into near-braindead support for his Orwellian outfit. And surprise, surprise, he’s turning on Orthodox Jews as well.

All in all, best not to have any dealings with Yechiel Eckstein. 

Posted by Yeze.

31 thoughts on “IFCJ and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein: Soft on Terrorism?”

  1. You are doing great work here, Yeze, and you are spot on that Rabbi Eckstein has any real love for Christians. He has a real love for the 70 million dollars a year that Christians give him to “bless Israel”.

    Those are funds that NEVER help a single indigenous believer in Yeshua/Jesus or are given to them to help Israelis in their communities. We really need to wise up and it is only through people like you who are willing to tell the truth to Christians who are resistant to hearing it are we going to quit being deceived and manipulated by organizations like IFCJ.

    God bless you for speaking the truth in love.

    1. Well he appeals to christians becAuse he doesn’t say it, but he
      “implies” he is messianic because he plays paul wilbur music on
      his infomercials in the past and he quotes scriptures. Many christians I know give him money thinking he is a messianic rabbi…quite pathetic
      because he is vehemently anti messianic..

  2. Jesus said that not all who call Him “LORD” are His own. He will reject them in the final judgement. I believe that the so-called “Christian” members of the IFCJ are largely in that camp and will face God’s condemnation. I reject them and will have nothing to do with them except try to win them to Christ.

    1. Ken:

      I went to Israel many years ago with Rabbi Eckstein. I donated to the IFCJ until I realized something was amiss. Because of him, I got interested in the Jewish roots of Christianity. So, as I always say, if you look hard enough, you can find some good in practically anyone. I’m now teaching a Jewish Roots study at my church.

  3. if he has no real love for Christians then why would he have bothered to go to China to protest the Chinese governments imprisoning and torturing of Chinese ‘house church Christians’?
    How can they give him dollars? They are dirt poor

    1. he likes christians, they give him money for other poor christians,
      what he does’t like is messianics, who are jewish christians.
      its funny how so many christians don’t know that

  4. And maybe China hates Israel and wants to cause trouble by funding fanatics. The commies have to know that anti-Christian fanatics could drive a wedge between Israel and the Christian west.

  5. There is no HOLY days of Chanukah this rabbi Rabbi Eckstein!
    is not who he says he is. I doubt he is even Jewish,, Only holy days are Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simah Torah, Passover, and Shavuot. Chanuka is a historial Holiday of the Maccabean wars THAT’s IT! It falls under as a MINOR HOLIDAY and NOT IN THE TORAH!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Leah Rabbi Eckstein is Jewish and a real rabbi, funny how you think
      you know more than a Rabbi lololol….

      The twist here is that Rabbi Eckstein gets rich by raising money
      for the downtrodden, and many christians donate the majority of
      money to his causes, but what they don’t realize is that he is
      anti messianic…..go figure

      1. Matthew 23:8 Jesus himself speaking:”Don’t let anyone call you ‘Rabbi,’ for you have only one teacher, and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters.

    1. Lisa, he used to asked for money to send poor russian jews to Israel
      \the truth is, they don’t need his money because HIAS and the State
      of Israel make the funds necessary for them to make Aliyah.
      One of our every 6 israelis is from the former soviet union, you don’t
      think they needed rabbi Eckstein do you?

  6. why is pat robertson always asking for donations? he is rich also
    Believe me I am not defending Eckstein one iota…they are all
    chazars as far as I am concerned

    1. Not defending either one. But it makes it hard to want to donate what little one has to help, when they feel they are being taking advantage of. I understand there is a lot of people in the world who really needs help. How do one sieve through the people who are not for the people they claim to be for?

  7. Oh and lets not forget Joyce Meyers, the christian queen of TV or
    TBN, the lady with the Pink Hair.. They are all schnurers and they
    all live like the millionaires that they are!

  8. I saw rabbi Eckstein’s “isaiah 58” on TV last week. I have a lot of friends in Russian and Ukraine. I was moved by what I saw. Today I chatted with my Ukrainian friend on Skype. I mentioned issues I saw in Ukraine with homeless youth in Odessa, and poor and homeless in Brianka, etc…. He agreed and said “yes it is a problem”.
    I then mentioned the poor elderly Jewish community, and he laughed at me. He said the Jew’s in Ukraine are well respected and taken care of. I feel scammed😦

    1. In Judgment God will deal with the people who took advantage of people who had nothing, and gave . He will take care of those who used his name to gain wealth for themselves and not the people they claim to help.

  9. I love the Jewish people and I think with all my heart Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, help the people of Israel , I ‘m thinking about donate maybe a billion some day to the Fellowship of Christians and Jews .

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