Los Judios Mesianicos de Colombia

Watch this Spanish-language TV report on Colombia’s Messianic Jews from Dora Glottman for Colombian TV station Canal Caracol which was broadcast yesterday:

Listen to Raul Rubio of Kehilat Yovel in Bogota from 2:48:

“To deny Yeshua, we’d never do it, we couldn’t deny our faith, we believe he died for our sins, his blood cleanses us from all sins, and converting to Judaism would be to deny our faith.”

Why does Rubio even need to say this?

Because, according to the report, although there are 50-or-so Messianic congregations in Colombia, seven evangelical-Christian and Messianic congregations have converted to Judaism in the last few years, following a popular trend in Latin America at the moment: for Christians to convert to Judaism.

Clearly then the Messianic movement has its positive and negative leanings.

Messianic Judaism is at its best where it provides a space for Jews to worship Yeshua as Jews, to celebrate the Biblical festivals and to maintain a Jewish identity.

Messianic Judaism is at its worst where it deviates from the centrality of Yeshua’s actual message, and begins to pay more attention to yiddishkeit symbols than to the actual words of Yeshua.

Messianic Judaism is at its best when it treats Yeshua as the Ultimate Rabbi, and at its worst when it treats Yeshua as one of many rabbis.

It must be said that the phenomenon of Christians passing through Messianic Judaism as a half-way house before converting to Judaism seems pretty worrying to me.

We have a better Moshiach, a better Temple and a better Torah then Judaism does, and if people aren’t recognising this, then we need to start asking some serious yet basic questions of why we’re actually here.

18 thoughts on “Los Judios Mesianicos de Colombia”

  1. I find the “converted to Judaism ” very wierd? You don’t have to be educated scholar to see the error in this. What’s wrong with gentiles staying as gentiles in the body? Why the need or conversion? What is the benefit? All for the Church returning to Jewish roots, but this is very wierd.

  2. Levitt, exactly – it makes no sense to me, it seems like some people have taken Messianic Judaism way too far in some areas.

    I think that our Messianic congregations must be wise to these trends and make faithfulness to Yeshua the centre of everything that is done, to avoid this happening.

  3. Si ha encontrado este sitio de web en una busqueda de google, somos judios mesianicos y apoyamos los derechos de nuestros hermanos en Israel y en todo el mundo. Intentamos servir al cuerpo de Mesías proviéndolo con información sobre los anti-misioneros jaredíes.

    Puede vd. solicitar más información aquí:

  4. The problem in latinamerica is the ignorance and leadership.

    There isn’t messianic literature in spanish. Those whom read English has the blessing of understand the messianims. Most of the scholar write in english.

    The leadership isn’t clear and the people doesn’t hear the few scholars we got.

    I am lucky that my congregation is member of IFMJ and UMJC, we are in Caracas and host many other congregation in Venezuela where distributing studies and conferences trying to avoid this phenomenon.

    1. Thanks Jorge, will take a look at your site! Out of interest, how do you feel about Raul Rubio’s words about conversions to Judaism?

  5. I agree with Raul Rubio. A ‘Holy Gentile’ doesn’t need converting to judaism because Yeshua make the nations sons of G-d. Raul Rubio got a rich concept about Yeshua, the messianic.

    Many latin MJ doesn’t know what is really the Messianic Judaism. thinking that the only and true Judaism is the ‘rabbinic’.

    “Pujados ke no amenguados.”

    Casi nadie habla ladino que yo conosca. La esposa de Haim Levi IFMJ lo habla.

    Buen articulo!

  6. >>> Messianic Judaism is at its best when it treats Yeshua as the Ultimate Rabbi, and at its worst when it treats Yeshua as one of many rabbis. <<<

    Exactly! We could avoid a lot of persecution if we drop the Messiah's claim to be God. Yad and other groups could tolerate our saying Jesus is Messiah then. Don't fall for it.

    I think there is much more to the story than is obvious here. We need more information.

  7. A humorous comment–

    I fully expect Yad and other groups to oppose acceptance of these new converts to Judaism, because they suspect a Gentile Christian trick. Infiltration of Israel, eh? HeHe

  8. Judio mesianico no es ser judio,eso es ser lo que era la persona siempre catolica etc.el messianismo no existe en la religion judia.

      1. Ay caramba!

        Lubavitch hasidism is in line theologically with Judaism.

        You are in line theologically with Christianity.

        Chabad does not teach that Jesus was a god or that he died for anyone else’s sins, or that the Torah has been nullified. Only you Christians believe that stuff.

        We can find Chabad’s beliefs documented at chabad.org, and your beliefs in the “new testament”. The two are such opposites that likening them is loco, hombre.

      2. False.

        That’s a false statement, Joseph. How can we have a serious conversation about the differences between Lubavitch hadism and Christianity when you insist on misrepresenting the former as a rendition of the latter?

        When you’re mature enough to engage in a discussion about the beliefs Chabad publishes about itself instead of the alternative reality you wish to foist on them, I’ll be here….

    1. The messianic jews didn’t take the new testament from the christians. The christians took it from the jews.

      Don’t blame the MJ because the christians says the torah is nullified. It is like blame the MJ of the inquisition. We don’t agree in neither.

      Apuesto a que eras un cristiano,

      1. Strictly speaking, that’s untrue. The self-styled “messianic” Jews who today believe in the Christian “new testament” are evangelized by Christian missionaries and not in receipt of a tradition through the Jewish generations since Jesus’ supposed time that he actually existed and performed miracles. The Christian bible is a Greek work, not the lingua franca of the Jews circa Jesus’ supposed times, and it exists in many different disagreeing varieties today–all of them from gentile Christian publishing houses. I hope that clears things up for you.

        Via con dios!

  9. Shalom…..

    Vivo en Popayan, Colombia…………conocen una Quehilah por Cali o Popayan?

    I live in Popayan, Colombia………I am looking for a congregation in Cali or Popayan, Colombia. Is anyone aware of any, that I may visit?


    ​​Jaime Álvaro Burbano Cuellar, Director
    AgroSurAmerica, SA
    Belize City, Belize CA
    Popayan, Colombia S.A.

    USA#: 630-701-6725
    Colombia Cell: 57-314-256-5093

    SKYPE: AgroSurAmerica


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