Introducing Yaacov Ephraim Parisi – From Christ to Chabad

Yaacov Parisi is a former Evangelical Pastor who started investigating the “Hebrew Roots” of his Christian faith and ended up converting to Orthodox Judaism ten years ago. 

Born in an Italian Roman Catholic family Parisi became a fundamentalist Christian pastor of a non-denominational Protestant church called Shalom in Southern Oklahoma. He eventually closed his church, opting to go to Denver and convert to Judaism under the famous Hornsteipler Rebbe Mordechai Twerski.

After conversion Parisi and his wife moved to Israel but returned to the USA and is now studying at a Chabad Yeshivah and spending much time speaking on the Chabad circuit regaling enthusiastic audiences with the account of his conversion to Judaism.

“He’s very full of passion,” said Howard Hein, a student at the college. “I could see that he was an evangelical preacher. Just the way he talks. The way he relates the story, you could tell.”

We read. “As he spoke, Yaakov Ephraim whipped the crowd into an excited fervor, jumping as he spoke, swinging his arms and banging on the podium, exhibiting overall the energy of a much younger man. “L’chaim!” he called, as he took a drink of water, “L’chaim, L’chaim, Yaakov Ephraim!” came the reply from all assembled.”

From one fundamentalism to another fundamentalism, Parisi has swapped beliefs but still preaches like an excitable revivalist tub-thumper. It is not suprising that such conversionist stories are so welcomed by such a missionary minded group as Chabad!

We read that “Hecht heard the story and proposed the partnership. Parisi accepted and moved from Modiin Elite, Israel, to the Yeshivah, the 82-acre state headquarters of the Lubavitch movement.”  Parisi is now a Chabadnik having swapped Messiahs!

Parisi is interviewed here.

Knowing the Sanhedrin’s love of the Noahides one wonders why non-Jews who are not married to Jews need to be converted to Judaism at all if there is the Noahide option, unless of course Noahidism is just a half-way house to obscure the truth that Chabad Judaism is a missionary religion!?

Predictably enough, Chabad have seized on Parisi’s story to promote their missionary activity. Here is Chabadnik video-blogger Levi interviewing Parisi, comparing Parisi’s faith journey to that of Abraham – lech lecha, and telling people to leave their homes and follow God’s voice! Meanwhile, Parisi encourages Jews not to walk away from faith, but to search the Torah and find the truth in their hearts:

Still, so long as Chabad preach a dead rabbi and not a resurrected rabbi as Moshiach, they will never be taken seriously by the anti-missionaries as a threat to Judaism – perhaps an embarrassment at the most.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Yaacov Ephraim Parisi – From Christ to Chabad”

  1. >>> Still, so long as Chabad preach a dead rabbi and not a resurrected rabbi as Moshiach, they will never be taken seriously by the anti-missionaries as a threat to Judaism – perhaps an embarrassment at the most. <<<

    I see Chabad and similar groups becoming more than an embarrassment. They are already becoming a threat… a competitor in the eyes of some anti-missionaries. Expect a rift to widen. It is only a matter of time.

    Either way this does not concern us. We have our own assignment from Messiah.

  2. You should ask a rabbi on that Gev. I think it would be rather complicated. Speaking hypothetically if he became a messianic Jew on what basis would he be Jewish? He converted to orthodoxy so I don’t think they would be very pleased. Personally I don’t think you can use the word Jewish if you are not and that goes for Jewish atheists, secular Jews, Jews who follow hedonistic life philosophies, Jews who pick and choose bits of Judaism and not. Religious Jews do not have the monopoly on the claim.

    As long as this man is orthodox and observant, he is a Jew. Does born a Jew die a Jew apply here? I know you can be born a Jew and die an apostate Jew but still that is a Jew nonetheless.

    Conversions can be made invalid – at least I think so, it happened recently in Israel, some Rav null and voided the conversions of another Rav going back several years.

    One question not on subject –Has this guy become an “anti” expert yet??? That will surely be coming.

  3. Why you care so much about this guy and Chabad? Must obviously, you ignorance in Torah (written, oral, and “mystical”) render you a complete ignoramus. Chabadniks, like it or not, are JEWS. The believers of the man god J####, are not.

  4. Some Jews, like myself, have discovered through Isiah 54 that a Messiah was coming…his description was clear. Jesus of Nazareth fits 22 of the descriptions and millions of Jewish believers call themselves Messianic because they have completed their faith with the acceptance of the Messiah…therefore not needing to abandon their Jewish identity. Jesus said that he didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

  5. His story is beautiful! My eyes are full of tears! Im in the converstion process myself, so much of this story is similar to mine.

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