Did Rabbi Deri commit perjury in case brought against him by Messianic Jews?

After 500 men invaded a Messianic Jewish place of worship in 2005, the congregation took the Chief Rabbi of Beersheva, where the event took place, to court for instigating the invasion along with the Yad L’Achim anti-missionary organisation. The case recently failed as not enough evidence could be brought to prove a causal link between the fact of the invasion and the allegation that it was a well organised incident by Rabbi Deri and Rabbi Lifshitz.

A month or so after the failure of the case it seems as if Rabbi Deri is boasting a bit and may have committed perjury as he is now admitting to the press what he denied in court vis-a-vis organizing and coordinating with Yad L’Achim the events the led to and ended with the invasion on a place of worship. Read a full report on this possible perjury here.

14 thoughts on “Did Rabbi Deri commit perjury in case brought against him by Messianic Jews?”

  1. How sad it is that justice was not done and that the perpetrators of this are encouraged to go on fighting the Messianic Jews. My consolation in all this are two lovely verses which says “shall not the judge of all the earth do that which is right.” and Romans 8 v 28 “For we know that all things work together for them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” We will pray that justice this time round, will be done. God Bless you. May you know His Shalom.

  2. There are many places in the OT and NT where the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob condemns lies. The rabbi has brought dishonor upon himself and discredits his cause.

    1. As he is a relation of Aryeh Deri, the notorious shasnik crook that embezzled MILLONS of shekels, and part of the same machinery perhaps we shouldn’t have expected too much……. I don’t think this Deri can make things any worse.

  3. How hypocritical is this? The Rabbi allegedly lied and already he has
    been accused and condemned; but jews for jesus lie all the time about
    belief in jesus being Jewish…

    1. bubby did you not read the Israeli newspaper article where Rabbi Deri makes the admission in his own words? Anyway as you’ll see we ask the question if he has committed perjury, we’ll leave it to the courts to condemn, after all they are the ones that will end up looking like fools if the possible perjury is ignored.

      Is it really the best that you can do to try make an equivalent with the apparent perjury of Rabbi Deri to a court and Jews for Jesus claiming belief in Jesus is Jewish!

    2. Jews for Jesus do not lie. Their claim to be both Jewish and Messianic is their freedom of religion and freedom of speech, unlike the bad rabbi in this article. The bad rabbi lied about a material fact in a criminal case. That dishonors the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

      1. because we have freedoms to believe what we choose, doesn’t mean
        their beliefs are accurate and not full of lies. and the “bad rabbi” is the
        rabbi who doesn’t want christians trying to seduce Jews into believing
        in a pagan god. Well if that is wha makes him “bad”, so be it; he will
        answer to Hashem, and so will the people who believe in a man/god

      2. >>> doesn’t want christians trying to seduce Jews into believing
        in a pagan god. Well if that is wha makes him “bad”, so be it”

        No. What makes the bad rabbi so bad is LYING. God says in the Jewish OT that I HATE LIARS. That is why the bad rabbi is bad.

        He is a liar. The motives do not excuse him. God hates lies and liars.

      3. “because we have freedoms to believe what we choose, doesn’t mean
        their beliefs are accurate and not full of lies.”

        ‘Accurate’ and ‘full of lies’ are not opposites. In order to lie, you need to misrepresent the truth as you understand it.

        If someone has a sincere belief that happens to be mistaken, and they say things to others that reflect or promote that sincere belief, then this person is NOT lying.

  4. Its not the best I can do, its the least I can do; we can always discuss
    the messianic leaders who lie about being jewish…thats always
    a good lie for such “holy men”; why have a higher standard for
    Rabbi Deri? Maybe because he is a real rabbi and not a fake messianic

    1. Out of interest bubby do you accept Reform rabbis are real rabbis?

      There are ministers (as well as rabbis) in the local frum shuls here, are they being deceitful by calling themselves ministers?

      In any case it is still smoke and mirrors from you avoiding the reality that Rabbi Deri and Yad L’Achim have seemingly lied in a court of law to avoid prosecution in a case about a serious and at times violent, invasion of a Messianic place of worship.

      1. You want to avoid all the lies in the messianic movement; people living
        in parallel universes; calling themselves rabbis; most of the people
        in messianic congregations are not even jewish, yet masquarade as jews

        that is smoke and mirrors.

        Gev, your question obviously comes from a “christian way of thinking”.
        If a Jew becomes a reform rabbi and is given smicha by his reform peers,
        he doesn’t need my acceptance; jews are jews and don’t have these
        ridiculous qualifications like christians.

        I accept a reform rabbi as a fellow Jew, I do not have to agree with
        his way of living his judaism…you see that is what christians don’t
        understand, jews can disagree but we are all Am Yisroel…. that must
        drive you crazy

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