Review of Sizer’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign – part 2

This is a guest post from Levitt and is part two of his review of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting he went to hear Stephen Sizer speak at.

The picture here is one, which is synonymous with the Holocaust. It was taken in the Warsaw Ghetto. According to Wikipedia, 254,000 Ghetto residents were sent to Treblinka extermination camp, which was reported to have 800,000 Jewish people.  50,000 were annihilated in the Ghetto uprising, taking the total of Polish Jews who lost their lives in the Warsaw Ghetto at least 300,000. The figures are shocking, but for me they are personal because some of my ancestors lost their lives in that Ghetto.

Gratrex with Islamist Salah

Stephen Sizer was introduced at the meeting I attended by Tony Gratrex. So who is Tony Gratrex? He is the organiser for the Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign. As previously reported on this website, he is identified as having anti-Semitic prejudices. According to Tony, the Jewish people control the media, and global financing. He also believes the Holocaust is just an industry to allow the Jewish people to blackmail the world. What interesting friends you keep Sizer!

After the introduction Sizer started his presentation, and gave the “historical perspective” on the state of Israel. I had hoped for a balanced history lesson, after all Sizer, calls himself an expert. It wasn’t. I could understand some bias towards the Arabs, after all that is his cause. But Sizer seeks to revise history to his own agenda. Let me give you an illustration of what he does.

During his presentation, he showed the picture above and others showing Jewish people suffering in World War 2. This is what he said, “Then we had the, Second World War. A massive a number of Jewish immigrants seeking a home and Britain restricting the numbers that were allowed in to Palestine.” He didn’t use the word Holocaust to describe the pictures once. Neither did he use the word Genocide. Just a couple of sentences, a few seconds, where we are told it was just a Jewish migration issue. A bit difficult to argue it is voluntary migration when you see a picture of child with a gun at his head. You would have thought World War 2, and the Holocaust is an important bit of history that should be communicated when discussing how we got the State of Israel.

So for Sizer’s benefit let me give a quick historical perspective on how we got to where we are with the State of Israel.  The above picture is probably one of the most famous pictures of World War II, and so a good choice. It was part of the 75 page leather-bound souvenir album originally titled, “The Jewish Quarter is no more!”, now called the Jurgen Stroop Report which was sent to Heinrich Himmler.  He was overseer of the concentration and extermination camps, and coordinated the killing of six million Jews. Let’s be clear, the Jews didn’t migrate themselves voluntarily to these extermination camps, they were deported by force and then there was mass killing, genocide, by the gas chambers.

The problem for Sizer, is that the Holocaust, is an inconvenient historical truth, and a major reason why we have the Jewish State of Israel. Although he may not explicitly deny the Holocaust, by revising history he removes it. He only used the Holocaust word once, and that was in the context of “getting over it”, and repenting of the guilt. The Holocaust is a major reason why we have the State of Israel, and not a minor one that can be ignored. To refer to the Holocaust as just an immigration issue is a huge misjudgment. But when you keep the company Sizer keeps, you can understand why he would not discuss the Holocaust.

16 thoughts on “Review of Sizer’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign – part 2”

    1. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is riddled with antisemites who falsify history, yet – via the Amos Trust’s bridge-building – it receives support and solidarity from the Church Mission Society (C of E’s mission wing) and the Methodist Church.

      Archbishop Rowan Williams is a patron of CMS.

      The man pictured, Raed Salah, believes in the blood libel, that Jews use the blood of Christian children to make matzah.

      Rather than condemn him, the Amos Trust fully supports Raed Salah, imagining there is a Jewish conspiracy against him.

      Two Amos Trust affiliates – Ben White and Stephen Sizer – endorse Salah as part of their “Save Jerusalem” campaign with the PSC.

      These types are also organising “Christ at the Checkpoint”.

      Whilst Amos Trust receives backing from the Archbishop’s patron charity, no effective campaign against antisemitism exists in the C of E. Ditto the Methodist Church.

      Lest we think evangelicals are any better, the Checkpoint conference will feature figureheads from the World Evangelical Alliance, the Asia Evangelical Alliance, the US Hispanic Church, and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). IFES oversees UCCF.

      This situation is dire.

  1. Actually, it does not surprised me at all. England was never a friend of Israel. It always breeded anti-semitism. It encouregd immigration of Muslims and is now full of them. Can anyone conceive of England letting so many Jews in?

    1. Dan

      1- Muslim immigration is not the issue here, so much as antisemitism within certain sub-cultures and religious elements, including Islamic ones, would be more accurate I think.

      2 – Yes, the blood libel began in England.

      3 – The British government will deport the Islamist whom Levitt mentioned, Raed Salah.

      4 – By contrast, Salah receives support from politically-active pockets of the Church of England.

  2. Anti-semitism is gathering support in the most unlikly places and people. Nothing suprises me as to what group/individual rails against Israel and the Jewish people. Living here, just outside Norwich, where the “child martyr/blood libel” started, you can feel the antisemitism in the air. There are about 4 churches in this area that are supportive of Israel, the rest could not give a monky’s elbow what happens to Israel or the Jewish people. Keep up the good work Joe and nice to have heard you at the BMJA conference.

  3. Do you believe this certain Walid Shoebat’s account that the XI CHI STIGMA (which Christians say is 666) is none other than than the BISMILLAH of Islam? More, I have read that Hitler once viewed Islam as better than Christianity since Islam is more friendly to his ideals of Antisemitism… These antisemites are totally bowing to the Beast and to his prophet. They want that mark, Xi chi Stigma (aka Bismillah) upon themselves. They are muddying Christianity even more. For me, any antisemite has the spirit of the antichrist.

    1. Hey G_E_H,

      I certainly believe there is much we don’t understand concerning the personage of the Beast. Shoebat’s argument for the re-rendering of XI CHI STIGMA is pretty convincing, in my opinion. At least, it makes more sense than the traditional assumptions. Of course, there are a few scriptures that don’t line up perfectly with this point of view, but they are far from negating the theory altogether. At any rate, it’s certainly a fascinating discovery – and one that lines up much better with what we see today within Islam. Notions of tattoos on people’s foreheads, etc. never sat well with me anyway, but I try to remain as open-minded as possible with these kinds of things.

      If anyone reading isn’t familiar with this, you can watch a video about it here. You’ll have to excuse the “prophetic music”, though.

  4. Here’s a good link on “The Muslim Anti-Christ” theme and the books about Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson’s have written on this subject and why Dr. Reagan thinks it’s not biblical.

    “Concluding Thoughts
    Overall, I think what Richardson and Shoebat are presenting as a possible end time scenario of events is a hodgepodge of ideas drawn from Bible prophecy, Islamic prophecy, and their own rich imaginations. What they present is not true to either Bible prophecy or Islamic prophecy.”

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