Accused of being anti-Palestinian

This is a crosspost from glasspoledeeper:

A guy I was at Trinity Theological College with has accused me of being “anti-Palestinian”, and removed me from his Facebook list.

On the one hand, I couldn’t give a monkey’s; on the other hand, it is so inaccurate that it desrves a response. (I have responded to him personally).

At the outset, I want to make it clear. I am what many would term, a “Right Wing Zionist”. In my view the finest Prime Minister to have served the nation of Israel was the late great Menachem Begin.

This does NOT mean, however, that I am in any way “anti-Palestinian”.

Let’s get some definitions sorted, though. Then we can find an answer to the lies and misrepresentations put about by the likes of Stephen Sizer, Gary Burge, Garth Hewitt and so on.

“Palestine” – this is a vague description of a geographical area. It has never been a nation state; it has never had its own capital, language, currency or culture. From the late 19th Century until the 1960′s the term “Palestinian” referred exclusively to Jewish people in that area (now, since 1948, the State of Israel). There was the Palestine National Fund, the Palestine Post, and even a Palestine Football Association. The name derives from the word “Philistine”, though there is no connection. The area became known as “Syria Palestina”  when the Roman Emperor Hadrian expelled the Jewish population from the area in the 130′s CE. He also changed the name of Jeruslam to “Aelia Capitolina” (the Arab / Muslim “Al Quds” is derived from the fact that the Beis HaMikdash [Temple] was there. It is a contraction of that Hebrew term.). At that time, there were very few Arabs in that part of the world, as it was a Jewish area. (There were Jewish people living in Arabia, as we read in Acts chapter 2, but they were not Arabs they were Jews). There were certainly no Muslims, as that religion wasn’t invented until 500 years after these events.

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