300 Messianic Jewish Congregations in USA and Canada

The Hard Music Magazine has this report

Number of Jewish Messianic Houses of Worship approaching 300 in the U.S. and Canada

Bill Koene of ChristianSourceLists.com reports that, based on exhaustive research in the last six months, a total of 284 active Messianic congregations have been identified in the United States and Canada: 272 in the U.S. and twelve in Canada. This number does not include small house-church fellowships.

This is a remarkable number, given that fifty years ago there were only a handful of houses of worship in North America that were identified as distinctively Jewish Messianic congregations.

Of the total number of Messianic congregations in the U.S. today, interestingly, almost one-half can be found in just five states: Florida (28), New York (26), California (26), Pennsylvania (20), and Texas (20). The three cities that can boast the most Messianic worship centres are: Manhattan (12), Miami (10), and Philadelphia (8).

The term “Messianic Judaism” is understood to mean acceptance of Jesus Christ as being the Messiah (“Yeshua Ha’Mashiach”), the second person of the Trinity, through faith in whom salvation is obtained.

Although the term “Messianic Judaism” can be traced back as early as the late nineteenth century where it was used as such in Our Hope, a major evangelical magazine (1895), it did not gain prominence until the early 1970’s. The initial growth of this movement seems to parallel the “charismatic movement” of the 1970’s, with the vast majority of the Messianic congregations themselves being charismatic in their theological orientation (believing in the gifts [charisms] of the Holy Spirit: tongues, healing, etc.).

By 2003 the number of Jewish Messianic congregations had grown to an estimated total of 150. Today the Messianic movement is a global phenomenon, with most estimates placing the number in excess of 400 Messianic congregations world-wide.


10 thoughts on “300 Messianic Jewish Congregations in USA and Canada”

  1. Wonder if this shows exclusively Messianic congregations or some churches with a seperate Messianic service.
    I know people in North Carolina that had a Messianic congregation that use another more established church to rent to do a service on saturday.

    1. We have our own synagogue (in Florida) and while that’s certainly ideal I don’t really see why it would matter whether or not all congregations have their own building. The congregation is the people, after all. The point of the article is that the number of people attending Messianic services is on the rise. A better question is why on earth is this article in “Hard Music Magazine”… ?

  2. A few years ago I did some research and arrived at a similar figure. There are congregational listings on the IAMCS, UMJC, AMC, and IFMJ websites which can be studied. Many congregations do rent premises, including from churches, but many of the larger and older ones have their own buildings. It’s really encouraging!

  3. How many Messianic believers are in these congregations in the USA and how many worldwide? I know the figure has been estimated at 15,000 in Israel. I’ve heard figures as high as 3 million for worldwide but this seems way too high to me.


    1. Hey Daley,
      That would be a difficult statistic to ascertain to a high degree of accuracy, since there isn’t any formal census given within the Messianic community, but the Jewish Telegraph Agency somehow worked out, over 20 years ago, that there were nearly 400,000 Messianic Jews worldwide (1990). So, given your question of how many “believers” (which I assume you mean both Jew and Gentile Messianics) coupled with the rise in popularity of the Messianic Movement over the last two decades, and the likelihood of those in the movement to raise their children in it as well, it isn’t difficult to estimate the present number of adherents to be well over 1 million, perhaps even nearing 2 million by now. I will, however, agree with you that estimates of 3 million certainly seem a bit high, but not impossible. But again, I don’t think that anyone could really answer this question authoritatively at this point.

  4. 400,000 maybe be close today, given there are around 13 million Jews. That would be
    3% of Jews. However, I also know that Messianics do not use the same standard as
    Jews do to determine who is a Jew. So of that 400,000 I’m not sure how many are
    halachaly Jewish. I don’t think it’s possible to determine.

    I would think it would be much easier to determine how many Messianics there are, without
    trying to break it down into Gentile vs Jew.

  5. Comment about the Hard Music Magazine…refers above to “the Messiah, (Yeshua HaMachiach) the Second person of the Trinity…” I understand that the person writing those lines, probably is not Messianic himself (Bill Koene) I just feel the need to say that the position of the genuine Jewish Messianic movement worldwide, will never refer to Yeshua as “the second person” of the trinity.
    The idea of “second” “third person” or “god head” is not only non biblical, but have pagan origins.

    The Scriture is clear, both Tanakh (O.T.) or Brit HaDasha (N.T.) that G’d is ONE Person, not “three” the SHEMA is clear “Adonai Echad”= the L’rd is ONE. Yeshua in several occasions as Yojanan 17 (John) expressed “As I and the father are ONE”

    Despite this paganized idea is found in Christianity and even among some inmature Messianic individuals, genuine Messianic Judaism is clear in the belief and teach that our Elohim is ONE, no “three persons” as this is the result of the “creed” created by men, after the Nicea Council of 325 ACE.

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,shalom aleykhem.i’m the found of Beit Torah,a torah congregation in the republic of kenya that teaches the torah and exalts Yahshua as the Messiah.We’re asking you for affiliation.thanks

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