Haaretz: Messianic Jewish hospitality of Howard Bass is continuing tradition of Abraham

This is a very striking paragraph in Haaretz:

The only courteous host in this alienated city of patriarchs is Howard Bass, a pastor from the Messianic Yeshua’s Inheritance church. He is the one who perpetuates the tradition of hosting guests, which started with our patriarch, Abraham.


This Messianic congregation’s facility lacks any identifiable markings, perhaps out of fear of Jewish religious extremists, and is located in a venerable Ottoman structure on the edge of the old city. The church library’s shelves hold copies of the New Testament in various languages, including Yiddish. I asked where the prayer hall and altar are located. Bass explained that his congregation does not routinely conduct mass. Simplicity reigns. There are some tuna and lettuce sandwiches, frankfurters and cheesecake.

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