Shlomo Carlebach: The Rebbe knew every Jew from this lifetime or another lifetime

This was a very emotional address in 1994, at a distressing time for Chabad.

Ironically, many Orthodox Jewish leaders are speaking about the Rebbe in more and more  godlike ways, whilst Messianic Jews struggle to understand and grasp the full divinity of Yeshua.

It isn’t a simple as Messianic Jews are the only Jews who believe that Moshiach is divine – many don’t, although we think they really should.

13 thoughts on “Shlomo Carlebach: The Rebbe knew every Jew from this lifetime or another lifetime”

  1. Schlomo did much to reignite a love for Judaism that was dead post-Holocaust. During the time of the Holocaust most Jews sort of slipped into the shadows in fear and in grief. The baby-boomers who grew up in these families only knew an obligatory form of Judaism that kept observant at a minimum. Around 1967 after the six day war the world was on a quest to find G-d. I think it’s no coincidence that the inner spark to search for G-d came on the heels of the war when for the first time in 2000 years Jerusalem was in the hands of the Jews. Many people converged upon Haight Ashbury, the spiritual center of the universe back then. Walking up and down the Haight many were peddling their wares from Krishna, Buddah, meditations, Jesus… and here was Carlebach who had been commissioned by the Rebbe to go out and find the six million Jewish souls that perished. I may have briefly encountered him there. Here he stirred the hearts and souls of the younger lost generation to embrace Judaism. It was the beginning of the return.
    He was not divine but he was divinely inspired. Many of my friends knew him and were inspired by him. He definitely was an instrument of G-d and we recognize that. He’s still fresh in the memories of many Jews so we speak of him as a great person. Many found their way back because of him.

        1. Yeah. Britain is coming to terms with loads of rock star womanisers who made it big in the hippy age, also being discovered as sex pests… I guess it’s a universal thing

        2. It was the “sexual revolution” and the mantra was “free love”.
          However, you might also be interested to know it was also just as rampant in the JPM. We lived in communes back then. Everything was assimilated by the hippie movement. Phrases like “high on Jesus” and “get high on love” were the norm.

      1. Leah, parts of modern Messianic Judaism seem to have a heavy Jesus-movement/Carlebach /Jewish-renewal post-hippie-confusion vibe to them.

        1. Just to add to that, a lot of messianics and leaders came out of the hippie JPM revival as did I.

        2. If I may be a bit bold – I was thinking of your situation last night and I did wonder whether you can separate your experiences as a person during that time in your life, in that particular Jesus Movement, from a true understanding of what an obedient follower of Jesus should look like.

          But then we all have our personal circumstances and you could find similar things to say to all of us I supose.

        3. Joseph, I can say with all certainty that we really loved the lord. We were on fire for him. There was a church in Seattle called Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church where most of us were “baptized in the Spirit”.. Look up a book called 9 O’Clock in the Morning. Here it is on Amazon
          I’m in this book. This was our story where we all congregated. You should have seen us in our blue dungarees with paisley patches and our hippie fringe vests sitting in that church on a given Friday night praising. We lived on communes and we were serious about our studies. We spent most of our time in the Word. A pastor opened up a large place in Bellingham that used to be a Nunnery. We lived in there at times dorm style. It was very regimented and disciplined. Our mornings started with prayer and bible study the breakfast followed by prayer and bible study then chores, lunch, more study. We had a couple of hours in the afternoon to ourselves that was to be spent in private prayer and bible study then dinner and wrapping up the evening with more prayer and bible study. Back in Seattle we evangelized on the streets and in the coffee houses. There were lots of prayer in the spirit, healings, prophecies but remember, we were new believers, free spirits, hippies of the baby-boomer generation and there was a fair amount of misbehavior. However, there were also many marriages. Most of us kept our faith alive, waning at times, ignited at other times. I went though a long tepid spell then experienced a very major point when I knew I was hearing from G-d about 11 years ago.
          In retrospect I see how important that time was and how it put me on the path I’m on now but it’s a path you can’t understand yet I can connect all the dots.

        4. Thanks Leah. I think only you could understand your own path really, and I don’t ever mean to be accusing at all. I’m know G-d works His grace differently with each one of us, and that He has a perfect plan to glorify His own name.

  2. Woww…even in the RCC someone spoke and he was immediately rebuked about the influence of that time on the education of priests and their fallen so much astray from the ‘ love of Jesus and His children to children pedophiles’ and when they become priests they have a ‘tenured’ position that is also sacramental , but he had to excuse himself with the press because it was considered terrible to find this kind of excuses completely unjustified. Leah if you were catholic I know you would have made sure the record got strait out :-) even though I am sure there were always this kind of thing going around…not as much I hopeeee:-)

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