David Hathaway on his way back to Israel

hathaway in israelHere is a searching post from Hannah Weiss for Kehila.org the inter-Congregational website for the Israeli Messianic Community. We have covered Hathaway’s visits and triggered the big debate about him here here here and here.

Back in february 2012, there was a lot of debate over the trips of British evangelist David Hathaway to our country, and especially the numbers of Israelis he was claiming to reach with the gospel. For those who don’t know, Mr. Hathaway has been back in Israel twice since then, and he is due here again next week (21-23/march).
I agree with those who felt that his claims of new births and miraculous healings do not check out – I tried my best to do it myself.  Even in private contact with two ministry leaders who were cooperating with Mr. Hathaway, I did not get straight answers to some simple questions.  I also tried to verify the thousands who reportedly showed up in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The video footage and specific locations (such as the KOK Pavilion) did not support any of the publicized numbers.

This time I am asking to focus on a more serious matter:  Hathaway’s ongoing claim that Israeli shepherds from all over the country keep begging him to come back.

See for example the brochure for his april 2011 Israel tour:

This is a very critical time for Israel. The Messianic Congregations in Israel have invited me to hold a 3-day Evangelistic Conference in the largest auditorium in Tel Aviv. Approximately 50 local congregations from 16 regions of the Holy Land are involved in the preparation for the outreach April 28-30.

This is a bit inflated compared to the feb-2011 report of an Israeli identified only as “Maksim”, but even his was hard to believe:

About 40 local churches and congregations are involved in the preparation to bring Jewish and Arab Israelis to David’s crusade.

Still, the “50 local congregations from 16 regions” appeared again in Hathaway’s tour brochure for november 2011 – the exact same statement as above, with only the dates changed:
Back in feb-2012, I tried to find out which Israeli congregations really were supporting him.  I was able to identify only 3 Israelis who had been working with Mr. Hathaway (one of whom doesn’t lead a congregation).
But this claim appeared AGAIN in Hathaway’s brochure for his trip in june 2012:

The Messianic Congregations in Israel have invited me to hold a 3-day Evangelistic Conference. Approximately 50 local congregations from 16 regions of the Holy Land are involved in the preparation for the outreach June 7, 8, 9.

(source: http://www.christian-travel.com/tour/documents/GR0273.pdf )

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9 thoughts on “David Hathaway on his way back to Israel”

  1. Well done, Gev, for spotting this excellent piece.

    Hannah has confirmed what I learnt last year (from multiple sources) whilst researching Hathaway for the articles you kindly published. Hathway’s numbers do not add up and his claims cannot be independently confirmed by anyone from the Israeli messianic community. I therefore stand by my view that Hathaway’s reports from Israel are so exaggerated that there is very little truth in them. The fact that Hathway produced these false stories, and continues to use them for fundraising, is a matter of deep concern to me.

    I call upon those people who have supported Hathaway, particularly David Davis in Israel and Brenda Taylor in the UK, to publicly distance themselves from this disgraceful and deceptive man.

    It’s now over a year since I did my original research. In the time since then, I haven’t seen a single report to confirm Hathaway’s stories. Surely, if there had been a revival in Israel on the scale he claims, then everyone would know about it. The silence is overwhelming.

    So I repeat my challenge from last year – if Hathaway’s claims are true, simply provide verification from a few leaders in Israel unconnected to him. I’m not holding my breath…

  2. “Approximately 50 local congregations from 16 regions of the Holy Land are involved in the preparation for the outreach April 28-30.”

    Ermm…. when David Hathaway speaks about statistics, firstly you have to divide by 10 and then carry the one,..

    1. Do those 16 regions correspond to the 16 tribes of Israel (doing the math the Hathaway way)………. or should that be the 160 tribes of Israel……

      1. What is needed is a sufficiently sized delegation of Messianic leaders to approach the relevant authorities present evidence and have Hathaway stopped at the borders and refused access as an undesirable fraudster.

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