Outgoing British Chief Rabbi speaks out for Christians


The Daily Telegraph reports:

[T]the cause which [outgoing Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks] discusses with the deepest concern of all is the persecution of Christians in the Middle East – a plight, he argues, which is getting virtually no attention in public life.

“I think this is a human tragedy that is going almost unremarked. I don’t know what the name for this is, it is the religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing.

“We are seeing Christians in Syria in great danger, we are seeing the burning of Coptic churches in Egypt. There is a large Coptic population in Egypt and for some years now it has been living in fear. Two years ago the last church in Afghanistan was destroyed, certainly closed. There are no churches left in Afghanistan.

“Between half a million and a million Christians have left Iraq. At the beginning of the 19th century Christians represented 20 per cent of the population of the Arab world, today two per cent. This is a story that is crying out for a public voice, and I have not heard an adequate public voice.”

It is striking that this is an issue which does not directly involve Jews at all.

But being Jewish, “you cannot but feel this very deeply and personally”, he says. “I think sometimes Jews feel very puzzled that Christians do not protest this more vociferously.”
He compares the violence faced by Christians in Egypt, Syria and Iraq to the mass exodus of Jews from Arab countries in 1948, when the establishment of the Jewish state was followed by the persecution of Jews in countries including Egypt and Libya.

Those who remain today are “very small residual communities living in fear”, the Chief Rabbi says.

What a shame that Greenbelt should ignore the persecution of Christians, whilst the Chief Rabbi clearly sees the issue.

11 thoughts on “Outgoing British Chief Rabbi speaks out for Christians”

  1. Yes, I was there at (or rather,outside) Greenbelt and it’s clear that the Chief Rabbi has far more compassion for the persecuted Christian Arabs in the Middle East than was shown at Greenbelt. They have much to learn and this will only happen through balanced dialogue.

      1. I was there too . 150 + Christians went to stand with Israel, to pray for Israel and to show that there is another point of view from the anti-Zionist, pro- Palestinian rhetoric being promulgated at the festival. We gave out leaflets to those who would accept them and had many conversations, some of which were positive, many of which were negative, some of which were very unpleasant. I agree with Jill. Education and dialogue is key.
        I also would like to thank Rabbi Sachs for his wise , as ever, comments.

        1. Well done Ruth for making your stand in a dignified way. Interesting that you could have such unpleasant responses at a Christian festival, ah well only human and victims of endless anti-Israel propaganda at Greenbelt.

  2. The outgoing Chief Rabbi is a truly great, erudite and inspiring man. He is absolutely right in what he says. Where is the Christian and public outrage for what is happening? Or are people in the free western world too lethargic or too scared of being “politically incorrect” or of Muslim backlashes in their own countries if they dare to speak out?

      1. There are many Catholics in the West, hardly the reason for why Western Christians of all denominations are mute in the face of Jihadist attacks on Christians around the world.

  3. I think Jonathan Sacks is one of the jewish ( non-yeshua) that has influenced the messianic jews believers, this because is great quality of his thoughtful writings, broader view of the abrahamic world (jewish – christians), sometimes he makes me think he is a believer.

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