Messianic Mess at CATC, as Israeli leaders check in

Two years ago in Royal David’s city, a German theologian mocked Jews as “dummkopfs” for believing in Judaism’s central ideas. His talk delighted his audience, which curiously included a number of Messianic Jews who sat quietly and patiently, drinking in his words. Yet when a Jewish victim of terror asked for a few minutes of conference time, it was a different story entirely. Once again in Bethlehem, there was no room at the inn.

Kay Wilson came to Bethlehem with honest intentions. She had witnessed the murder of her friend Kristine Luken before her eyes, at the hands of Palestinian terrorists, at the end of 2010. Determining to tell her story to inform and inspire others to do good,  Kay took her message to the faith community of her dear friend Kristine, who was a committed Christian of good repute amongst Jews in the UK. Where better to speak than the 2012 Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC), which presented itself as a Christian dialogue between Jews and Arabs about suffering?

There was always a sense that the dice were loaded in Bethlehem – owing to the PFLP-supporting mayor Victor Batarseh who was a welcome guest of CATC, and problematic anti-Jewish views expressed by several conference speakers and organisers.

Still, Kay took them at their word, and was rebuffed by Richard Harvey, as Israel Today reports. Harvey had passed on Kay’s request to the CATC conference organisers. When CATC said no, Harvey told Kay that it was simply “not what the Lord wants” for her to speak.

Of course, none of the Messianic speakers at CATC2012 included victims like Kay and other Israelis in their public narratives about reconciliation; they were forgotten about in the hubbub.

So CATC has no time for Israeli victims, but the wider CATC goals are of dubious benefit even to Palestinians. It is worth noting that one day after CATC 2012, the pro-Israel Palestinian baptist church of Naim Khoury was declared illegitimate by the PA. Just as Kay Wilson was ignored by the CATC Messianics, so too was Khoury ignored by the Palestinian CATC organisers. There is a certain type of Israeli and Palestinian that is allowed to talk about reconciliation, you see.

There was scarcely a mention either of  the thousands of Christians who have fled Bethlehem since the PA took control in the 1990s, or the perspectives of Palestinian Christians who aren’t protected by a public profile – many of whom feel very scared about the future of Bethlehem in a society with Islamist leanings, religious incitement and unchecked extremist groups. These Palestinian Christians are seemingly less worthy of Israeli Messianic attention than the smiling, relaxed evangelicals at Bethlehem Bible College.

Yet the trust between the Palestinian organisers and Israeli guests of CATC has been strengthened by the personal friendships that the Israeli leaders have with Musalaha leader Salim Munayer.

Despite mutterings of dissent from within the King of Kings Congregation in Jerusalem, Oded Shoshani will deliver a key speech at CATC 2014, in the presence of his mentor Munayer.

At CATC 2012, Munayer agreed to a manifesto calling for non-violent resistance against Israel. (According to a CATC organiser, Messianics were invited to edit and contribute to this manifesto; something that the Messianics say they were unaware of. )

Munayer heads up the Musalaha reconciliation network. In his “reconciliation” work, Munayer calls for Christian reconciliation with Hamas and Hezbollah, without calling on them to abandon their genocidal antisemitism and terror quest. Munayer though is not so charitable about Christian reconcilation with Jews – he complains that the Holocaust has guilt-tripped Western Christians on being too kind and friendly with Jews.

More worrying still, Munayer saw no moral difference between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call to wipe Israel off the map (thus destroying the Jewish state and killing over 1/3 of the world’s Jews), and Israel’s war on Hezbollah, which is a fascist, terrorist outfit that murders children.

This kind of dangerous moral relativism is interpreted as fair-mindedness and balance, by those who see the best in Salim and his projects.

Amazingly, Salim’s Musalaha network rarely meets a word of public criticism amongst Israeli Messianic Jews – even from those who have deep concerns about it, and have withdrawn from it.

Friendship with Salim comes at a price, and Israelis know it. It is not just the close friends within Salim’s Israeli circle who feel obliged to tow the line on Salim’s approach to reconciliation. Messianic Jews who want to criticise Musalaha are made to feel like they are being divisive, and no-one wants to be the first to rock the boat.

Meanwhile, Richard Harvey has prepared a talk for CATC posted briefly online, calling for Messianic Jews to agree upon a theology of reconciliation – when Messianic Jews have not even agreed upon a definition of a Messianic Jew! Harvey also posted a quote online comparing Hebron to Auschwitz. At CATC 2012, he publicly compared Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s stand against the Nazis, to Palestinians opposing Israeli checkpoints.

Messianic participation in CATC 2014 is being packaged by vocal Israeli leaders as a positive development, however.

The net result is that Israeli Messianic Jews cannot put out a strong, cohesive and clear statement about Christ at the Checkpoint, in the way that Diaspora Messianic Jews can.

These are worrying developments, with profound implications for congregations where Messianic children are joining the IDF, whilst their pastors go to a conference where forms of resistance against the IDF are encouraged. (A speaker at the last conference, Ben White, sees both violent and non-violent resistance against Israel as commendable).

Kay Wilson’s voice – and those of other murdered Israelis and Palestinians also brushed aside – will again be ignored by CATC 2014, lost in the lofty theological papers that Juster, Shoshani and Thomas are putting the finishing touches to, as we speak.

Quite frankly, this is now a mess. The responsible Messianic Jewish leaders in Israel urgently need to make their stand.

25 thoughts on “Messianic Mess at CATC, as Israeli leaders check in”

  1. The only part I can play is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, but it is hard for me to even think there are people who call themselves “Christian” in name but yet hate, terrorize, and kill others. Our LORD and Savior wrote to such, “I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.” Rev 3:1. AMEN

  2. Bethlehem Bible College are decent God-loving people I think, from talking with them last time I visited. This article adds to the problem of *polarization* imho. Whatever our grievances, is it not time to reach out and reassure, rather than react and repeat the rhetoric? blessed are the peacemakers – and peacemakers by definition work well with ‘warring parties’.

    1. Not denying they may be decent folk, simply that CaTC is not about reconciliation, rather the destruction of American support of Israel starting with the eroding of Evangelical support, this is their stated aim.

  3. To anyone who believes that those behind Christ at the Checkpoint are true disciples of Yeshua of Natzeret, it’s WAKE UP time! Every nation and every individual in all the world will have to choose in these last days. Either you stand with Israel 100% or you don’t. If for any reason, any reason whatsoever you decide to stand against Israel, you’re standing against the God of Israel and his Annointed One, Yeshua of Natzeret. Truth!

    1. Their error doesn’t disqualify their faith in Jesus, am pretty sure most are genuine believers, just deeply grieving the heart of a God as they poke at the apples of his eye.

  4. The Lord will judge these erroneous Christians. They are not messianic but anti Semitic. I’m a Jew and I know Jesus is the messiah, these wolfs in sheeps clothing make it harder to share the testimony of the messiah. Paul declared that we, the body of Christ were to make israel jealous. They forget that we worship the Father who is holy and righteous. He dwells in unapproachable light. God bless Israel. He alone is the God of Israel.

  5. I am surprised by Juster and Thomas joining this conference, unless they intend to “tell it like it really is, biblically” with no regard to negative consequences. Watered down Bible stands are not acceptable, anywhere, anytime! Are these “Apostle Pauls” or weak, compromisers? Roger

    1. Thanks Roger, we will have to wait and see what Juster does as he was only in the audience at the last CaTC, Thomas however, has not done that when he spoke at the previous CaTC and I would be happily surprised if he did this time.

    2. Evan Thomas has a genuine love for the arabs and a desire for reconciliation (both totally commendable) but I think he’s accepted aspects of the “palestinian narrative” that should have been challenged.

      Dan Juster’s participation is curious, as a high profile messianic leader. I agree with Gev, we can’t predict what he will say.

        1. I watched that video and I’m none the wiser as to exactly what Thomas thinks. He ignored the elephant in the room – the anti-Israel bias and rhetoric from many of the CATC speakers. It was a good example of how to say nothing in many words. I distrust people who talk like this – it reminds me of politicians. He either doesn’t want to commit himself, or even worse, he doesn’t want us to know what his views are.

  6. You’re absolutely right, it is a mess. Those Messianic Jewish leaders who are going there in the name of unity and love and actually confusing things even more. I am concerned that they are giving further fuel to the charges, that many religious in Israel already have, that they are anti-Semitic by attending a conference that is cleary anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. The way the whole world is trending at the moment it is wrong for Christians to give any support to such anti-Semitic conferences or what could even be seen as that. This is time for a positive stand for Jews and Israel.

  7. I am assuming that you do not live in Israel as there are Messianic leaders who are speaking out against this, have implored those attending to not participate and who have issued public statements.

    1. We know that Emet & we’ve been talking to them. What has not happened is a community leadership level statement, so far only individual leaders ha’ve spoken publicly.

  8. Recently spent two weeks with “the smiling, relaxed evangelicals at Bethlehem Bible College”. Love those folks – my heart skips a beat as I see Christ living His life out in them! The smiling, relaxed evangelicals at Bethlehem Bible College have understood the purpose of the Christian life – Christ in you, your only hope of glory (cf. Col. 1:27)!

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