CaTC Organiser Claims Christians Support Israel Because they are Greedy!

Christ at the Checkpoint organiser Stephen Sizer, has given yet another interview to a Islamic TV station (Iraqi Aletejah TV)  to blast and misrepresent Christian supporters of Israel.

In this video Sizer claims at 20:10 mins that Christian Zionists are greedy because, according to him, their support is based on the hope that they will get financial gain for supporting Israel as a result of the Bible statement from God “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.”  Not only does Sizer offer an implied caricature image of all Christian support of Israel as being based on self-interest, he claims this verse is proof that Christian Zionism is a prosperity Gospel. He calls a major promise by God to Abraham a nonsense if it is believed to still be for Jews today.

Sizer will not turn his nose up at even the most ridiculous of arguments to serve his anti-Israel cause, not even his claim at 14:26 mins that the two blue lines top and bottom of the Israeli flag represent the two rivers Nile and Euphrates and are an evidence of Israel’s expansionism. The blue on the Israeli flag owes more to the tallit (prayer shawl) than the traditional anti-Semitic canard that there is a shadowy Zionist desire to rule the world.

It must be said, for a self-proclaimed evangelical and a cleric, he missed a great chance to share his faith. In fact he reveals his real influence is politics, and Jesus, it seems, is a good vehicle for him to promote his political agenda. He fails also to admit to the Muslim host, that he was a rather vigorous Christian Zionist himself. Maybe his critique of Christian support of Israel is more a commentary of what he used to believe rather than what all Christian Zionists actually believe. He claims 18:20 mins that the destruction of Christians in the Palestinian Authority areas is not due to the suppression of them by Hamas, the PA and other Islamist groups, but rather European Christians. He reveals his Euro-centric view of the world, failing to note the vast majority of Evangelicals today are not European white-males like him, rather they are in the global South.

Stephen Sizer does with history and the Bible what Dan Brown did with art, history and the Bible in the Da Vinci Code, creates an amazing fantasy world with just enough random anchor points in fact to make it plausible to the gullible and justification for those who just like to hate Jews.

For those Messianic Jews speaking at CaTC this year, they will simply be used as more evidences by Sizer for his fantasy world.

12 thoughts on “CaTC Organiser Claims Christians Support Israel Because they are Greedy!”

  1. What unbelievable cheek! I support Israel, because of what Scripture says, (all of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation), and because the LORD has led me to love Israel. Most Christian supporters of Israel whom I know support Israel for the same reasons. Besides, given the increase in anti-Semitism & anti-Israelism, including in the Church, Christian supporters of Israel and those of us involved in the Messianic Jewish community will be in as much danger as Jewish people.

  2. The sad thing is that for these antisemitic groups, their anti Israel notions are tied to their particular interpretation of the New Testament. I think it is vital for Christians to examine their faith critically, question, and don’t be afraid to do so, to step out of your comfort zone. I came across the genuine nature of the New Testament as a piece of Jewish literature while I was in college, taking a rabbinic Judaism class. We were discussing Midrashic interpretation of the life of Moses, and we began speaking about accounts of his birth. In certain accounts Yochebed and the other women of Israel are divorced by Amram and the other men follow his example(in order to spare Israel’s firstborn from death) Miriam says to Amram that his decree is worse than Pharaoh because he deprives the children of Life of the world to come, and a life of mitzvot. Upon realizing his error, all the men take their wives back. Yochebed becomes as a young maiden for her husband and Moses is conceived. We have in these accounts the miraculous birth of Moses to an Almah who was “put away.” It was clear to me that Mathew and Luke use midrash in their stories of the birth of Jesus, and their accounts follow this pattern set by Moses found in Philo and the Midrash. It also occurred to me that whether you believe in the Virgin Birth, or Jesus’ natural birth from Joseph and Mary, the accounts bear the same pattern of miraculous birth shrouded in turmoil and some hint of controversy. This is true of David in certain Midrashim, Moses, and others. I think the issue that many Christians have is that they don’t see how flexible scripture can be in interpretations. A fully natural human birth (by two parents) can be miraculous just as creation of Man from dust. The deity of Christ is not impacted by a fully true humanity, because his deity is his speech, life experience, death, and resurrection. By his knowledge my servant shall justify (Isaiah 53:11) The human nature is not his divinity, and the divine is not his humanity. The two are joined without mixture, confusion, or separation. If you divorce Jesus from who he was (a Good Torah observant Jew,) you will misunderstand him. To make myself clear, the Church has always taught that Moses spoke with the angel on Sinai (Christ before corporeality ie wisdom of the father IE Torah) If a Jew observes Torah from Moshe, he should not be disregarded because he doesn’t focus on a human nature from two thousand years ago. Jesus says he is the derech. What was that Derech? Torah! What is Torah? The embodiment of knowledge and truth (Romans 2:20) Christians need to know that Jews do not believe in “works salvation” any more than they do. Anyone who has attended Yom Kippur will know that Jews are not saying to G-d, hey you owe me my soul and salvation, for I have done mitzvot. Jews agree that gentiles can please G-d, and that a man is saved by deeds done in good faith, not by brit milla alone, or by empty ritual. People who believe in replacement theology haven’t studied any sources outside of their own perspective. None of these people has even made the attempt to understand Judaism without Jesus or the new testament. If we can’t know what Judaism is and was before and without Jesus, we will never be in the same frame of mind as his first hearers who took what he said and did on its own merit. Peter had no Son of G-d in his context other than the righteous remnant of Israel, the servant of G-d, who he saw lived out in a random first century rabbi named Jesus. We need to be open to rabbinic Judaism as a legitimate path to hashem that operates on its own. If not, then how can we say that hashem adequately prepared anyone to receive Jesus? If the Hebrew Bible means nothing without Jesus, has no value on its own, without the Christian Bible, then G-d is dishonest, and didn’t provide an adequate schoolmaster. If we take the classical christian or even messianic approach, then the schoolmaster (Torah) was only valid once we saw the cheat sheet/answers (gospels) A schoolmaster has to be someone adequate to the task to be accomplished. If salvation is the goal, then both Torah and Gospel must show the same way. Rabbinic Jews rest on the same hope of the love of G-d as Christians, and messianic Jews, if you doubt this, how do you reconcile your belief with the justice of G-d? Paul says the Law is good and that the doer of the law will be justified, it is we by our arrogance that make our faiths of none effect. I hope everyone can learn to appreciate their differences, and see their commonalities.

    1. Wow! how the tables are turning, here is a clergyman whose theological/historical background has been one of enmity against the Jews, the eastern ‘church’ notorious for its antisemitism/anti-Judaism, standing up for Israel, acknowledging that the Christian community in Israel is the safest in the whole Middle-East, while the other comes from a theological/historical background of Philo-semites, proto-Zioniists who believed in the restoration of Israel, who now advocates for Israel’s enemies and calls for boycotts, divestments and sanctions on the only country in the Middle-East that would defend his right to do so!

  3. This person does not know the scriptures and what that passage means. I can’t believe he is one of the organizers of Christ at the Checkpoint. My wife and I love Israel, not just the countryside, mountains, etc like most Christians. WE LOVE ISRAEL!!! This man needs a divine encounter so that he can understand. He doe not have a clue! I see why a lot of Jews hate Christians. People like Sizer makes Christianity, religious! We shall continue to pray for those that are aligned with him!

  4. Some relevant and interesting links to issues involving Stephen Sizer and the subject being discussed.

    …”What people might not have known concerning the Revelation TV debate between Dr. Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer was that Sizer’s precondition was that the debate remain theological and doctrinal, not political, to which Dr. Smith and Revelation TV pre-agreed.

    Once Sizer lost the debate point after point to Calvin Smith’s solid exegesis, Sizer cheated, moving the goal posts that he himself set and shifted to a bursting tirade of emotive and biased political rhetoric and one sided propaganda stating half truths and de facto lies as if they were fact.

    His misrepresentation of his TV appearance in Iran was a hypocritical travesty characteristic of Mr. Sizer. It was funded by the Iranian government and sponsored by a Jew-hating institute of holocaust deniers, while Iran was in the process of murdering Evangelical Christians and pastors for their faith. In contrast, Israel protects the human rights and religious freedom of Middle Eastern Christians….

  5. In my opinion the best reason to support any Jews who want to live in their home country of Israel, is because Jesus was born into the Jewish Nation. He is a Jew. If we claim to love him, then how can we not love his people?

  6. I became an active Israel advocate and Christian Zionist after hearing Messianic Jews Howard Morgan and David Silver and enrolling on the Hidden Treasures course run by Mike Fryer of Christians for Zion. Learning about the anti-Semitic rants and heresies of Christian leaders from the first century AD onwards and the resulting pogroms and lynchings of Jews compelled me out of Christian compassion to do something about these monstrous injustices. Sizer is wrong about so many things and he is very sneaky about it.

  7. Going off of what Hazel said, Jesus forgave those involved in his suffering and death, we should do the same. If we don’t genuinely express Christ’s own life and actions, how can we be his followers? The new testament when viewed in the context of surrounding Jewish literature does not have to be at odds with the religious rabbinic tradition of today. We share points of contact in history, ethics, exegesis, etc. Sizer’s exegesis is based on outdated information. Jesus and Paul did not advocate Jews abandoning Judaism, or their land. If you think they did, your reading is outdated and has been proven wrong by every major NT Scholar.

  8. What an ignoramus Sizer is. Which bible version does he read ??? My version says that when the Lord Jesus Yeshua returns he will return as a Jew. Born , lived and died as a Jew. Even Revelation 21.12-14 mentions that the gates of the new Jerusalem, named after the twelve tribes of Israel, and the foundations of the wall are named after the twelve Apostles ( all Jews ) of the Lamb. So is the dog collar he wears just an ornament ??? Shame on you Sizer for promoting Anti-Israel conferences. What a terrible pity the Palestinian Christians are being deceived by this deception. They desperately need so much prayer to deliver them from this gross aberration.

  9. God knows who are His; “My sheep know my voice”. His word is irrevocable. The land was given to the Jews ‘forever’.

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