Israel Hayom: New Testament are Jewish Compositions

The New Testament writings, as bizarre as they might appear to a Jew who does not believe in Jesus, are Jewish compositions. Anyone researching early Christianity today understands that it cannot be understood without the Judaism of the late Second Temple era, the Qumran scrolls, and even the literature of the Jewish sages.

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5 thoughts on “Israel Hayom: New Testament are Jewish Compositions”

  1. As to the innovations that are suggested as a reason for some of Jesus and the apostles fellow Jews rejecting their message, the exclusive claim to salvation found in the teachings of Jesus John 14:6 and the apostles acts 4:12 is consistent with the Hebrew prophets Isaiah 45:21. To reject the message of Jesus outright because it is an exclusive claim for one way of salvation avoids the real issue, the evidence given to Israel by Jesus during his earthly life of his messiahship, i.e. Raising people from dead who had been dead for four days, healing lepers, casting out mute demons and of course the final evidence his own resurrection which is among the best attested facts of human history. As to their message being in apposition to the Torah Jesus affirmed the Torah and as many orthodox have even admitted Jesus and the apostles probably lived more in conformity and obedience to the Torah than they do. Hence the reaction of Peter in acts 10 to the vision of unclean animals. Jesus taught that the Torah pointed to His messiahship and if they believed Moses they would believe him too. Jesus however did not follow all the traditions of the elders that they had added to the written Torah. As to the introduction of non Jews into the fold it was probably at least a decade later before the first Gentiles came into the fold and the reactions of the apostles at the time was can these non Jews be a part of our following the jewish messiah? The inclusion of Gentiles can be seen both as a prophetic fulfillment of the messiah being a light to the nations and the messiah as the representative of Israel carrying out The mission of Israel to proclaim the God of Israel among the peoples. In what can be seen as an act of kindness and charity the apostles when including the Gentiles did not require them to become Jews but continue as messianic believing Gentiles although abstaining from things offensive to the jewish believers in messiah. Thereby their inclusion of Gentiles as Gentiles did not compromise their jewish practice and identification as part of Israel. An argument can be made that the “de-judification” of the believing jewish community was a result of the rise of anti-semitism in the Gentiles.

  2. The Leader should read, “The New Testament Writings are Jewish Compositions.”
    Excuse me for being a pedant!

  3. Interesting to see New Perspective on Paul (NPP) views being increasingly noticed by Israeli academics, placing Messianic Jews in a much more respectable framework – after decades of hysteria from anti-Messianic/anti-missionary propagandists.

  4. Did you see the spot on post in the comments section to the original article by chrismoyler? It’s worth mentioning again. Here it is:

    “A number of Christians are now realising that the true centerpiece of the Book of Romans is not chapter 8, even though that chapter is truly wonderful and central to the Christian faith. The true centrepiece is actually chapters 9-11. Paul uses chapters 1-8 to build an entire summary of the Gospel, but then in chapter 9 says “Well if you agree with me concerning all I have carefully laid out in ch 1-8” (there were no chapters or verses in the original text of course) If you agree that I am an authentic apostle of the Lord Jesus; then stay with me for I have something hugely important to say to you all, ESPECIALLY TO YOU ROMANS!, concerning God’s ongoing purposes for the Jewish people.

    “This letter of Romans was of course a deeply prophetic letter, for it solemnly warned the Christians in Rome not to believe that they had replaced the Jewish people in God’s purposes. It was prophetic, because it pointed the Romans with surgical precision towards the very error, that after Paul’s death (at the hands of the Roman authorities), which would go on to engulf the Church, and empty it of its New Covenant power.

    “Under Constantine, the Church dramatically rejected its Jewish roots, and the Holocaust was the direct fruit of this rejection. If Europe had not rejected its Jewish roots, neither of the European World Wars would have needed to have happened. In particular, the rejection of the Jews under Hitler would have been impossible were the church to have had Jewish and not Replacement Theology roots, since the church would have understood an attack upon the Jews to be an attack upon themselves- which in truth it always is.

    “Mercifully the Spirit of God is moving in the Western Church afresh, and is again bringing division concerning Israel. Many will be humbled and will glory in their Jewish roots, but some will reject those roots entirely. This is a wonderful thing because fence-sitting both in the Church and within the Jewish community will no longer be possible. Deep decisions will have to be made, for the true intent of people’s hearts will be fully exposed.”

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