“Congratulations on your site – a great work!”

Dr David Instone-Brewer
Senior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament


“The Rosh Pina Project website is a real find for those who want to know the real issues on the ground in Israel, and the situations facing the Messianic Body here.  It causes us to move out of our comfort zones and face issues that not everyone wants to acknowledge, talk about or deal with.  The information is vital to us as the Body of Messiah, so we can be fully informed and we can pray and move forward effectively.  We also appreciate this great source of information as it brings to light situations that are sometimes not readily available but can have dire consequences on us all as believers in Yeshua.

In a world where being politically correct is the rule, and common sense is not common, the Rosh Pina Project has been a refreshing, comprehensive, and faith building information source that has benefited us, the Messianic Body, and all  those that love Israel and look for her benefit.”

David and Leah Ortiz
Kehilat Ariel
Ariel, Israel


“I want to express my thanks for the Rosh Pina Project bloggers who have done such an extraordinary work of researching the facts and personalities regarding the situation of the Israeli Messianic/Christian community of believers in Yeshua as Messiah and the Son of God.  Your diligence has uncovered details and information both interesting and amazing.  With all the built-in bias and prejudice in Israel against the truth of God’s good news expressing itself in often very distorted views, it is refreshing to have someone exposing both the hypocrisy and also the more balanced viewpoint from the vantage of ‘better lighting’.

Thank-you very much, and may the Lord continue to inspire you in service for His holy name,”
Howard Bass
Beer Sheva


“The Rosh Pina Project boldly goes where few dare to explore….and thank Goodness!  This is a very different take on the world of Messianic Judaism that wades into issues off the beaten path of most Messianic media.  Good job, RPP – keeping up the probing questions!  Is there not a cause?”

Donna Diorio



Please visit the blog and support the important work that they are doing.”

Roi Ben Yehuda

journalist: Haaretz, France24, Al Jazeera


“An alternative look at the Messianic Movement, advocating Biblical Messianic Jewish identity, ongoing debates with leading anti-missionaries and most importantly advocating the cause of Messianic Jews facing persecution or harassment in Israel.”

The Alliance of Messianic Congregations


“Even if you don’t know the meaning of the word “blog,” “The Rosh Pina Project” shows how [the RPP collective] has developed an innovative way to combat anti-missionary prejudice.”

Karen S. Meissner, editor of the Messianic Times

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