An Israeli Messianic Jewish Response to Yad L’Achim

Here is an Israeli Messianic Jewish response to Yad L’Achim’s Mehaptzim (Looking/Searching) magazine attacking Messianic Jews, delivered free to many homes.

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Amnon Yitzchak’s War Against Television

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak

The Yeshivah World News reports that:

While his campaign against chareidi performers was not too successful, Rav Amnon Yitzchak appears to now be directing his energy against televisions in people’s homes. Apparently the rav is planning a major event next much, during which 1,000 televisions will be thrown into a giant dumpster, Chadrei Chareidim reports.

The event is planned to take place on 10 Kislev, Tuesday, December 6th, in front of Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in the Romeima area of the capital. The rav’s aides are taking care of arranging for dumpsters in which the TVs will be thrown and the rav is expected to address the crowd as well.

On Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak’s web site, yes he has a web site, there is a section where you can buy his videos, but how would you play them without at TV!?

Your visual salvation is at hand as the tele-rebbe has his own internet TV channel… is the tele-rebbe somehow trying to corner the market!!! Well check out his ShofarTV ad and you’ll see that is exactly what he is doing. But this is not the first time there has been a techno-phobia TV smash-a-thon in Israel, we reported on a Lev L’Achim one here.

ShofarTV ad to destroy 1000 Tembelviziyot - Idiotboxes, the TV destruction will be broadcast live on Shofar TV!

Rabbi Amnon Yizhak, the tele-rebbe: resurrection from the dead sale!

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, the tele-rebbe who falsely predicted the date of the coming of Messiah and oversaw the ritual burning of a New Testament, is now selling tickets to get into heaven – the world to come and get resurrected from the dead!

Apparently 4000 shekels will guarantee your resurrection from the dead!

He was kind enough to provide a credit card facility for those watching the live program to pay for guaranteed resurrection and allow them also to pay over 10 convenient monthly instalments.

The tele-rebbe matches the very worst antics of the tele-evangelists!

The New Kabbalists

From Haaretz:

The times have passed when an old man like kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri was brought out to help draw voters for Shas or another party, according to the whim of his grandson. Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Ifergan, who is known by his nickname, “the X-Ray,” Rabbi Yoram Abergil and Amnon Yitzhak, who brings people back to religion, are not the “Baba Buba” (the figure of an elderly kabbalist that was satirized on a local television program). These are young and charismatic people who sell spirituality as merchandise – each with his own unique qualities.

Mainly, they have a good understanding of the rules of the game, the context and the period in which they are living and operating.

Dr. Boaz Huss of the Jewish philosophy department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who studies new kabbalistic groups, proposes that these new tzaddikim not be regarded as tricksters or as suppliers of opium to the masses, but rather as a type of agents of the New Age, who faithfully reflect culture in the post-modern era.


“The mass following of tzaddikim today is not a matter of turning to tradition,” explains Huss, “but a new creation with elements of traditional culture. A part of the widespread phenomenon of post-modern spirituality.” Philosopher Jean Francois Lyotard, Huss notes, speaks of the collapse of belief in the modern meta-narratives and ideologies. He claims that the main reason for interest in knowledge today is not the great stories and the theories, but their usefulness. In other words, people want practical answers for life. “One claim is that turning to kabbalists is superficial or commercialized,” says Huss. “But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. People want spirituality. They want a remedy, but they are not willing to take on religious commitment, or to undergo a personality change. And this experience is provided to them by the new kabbalists.?

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Morris Cerullo would be proud of Amnon Yitzhak!

For those who can’t follow Hebrew, apart from the start (so bear with it for a few mins), most of this is in English and when it is not, most has English subtitles .

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak is Judaism’s answer to the fundamentalist Christianity’s tele-evangelists. Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak claims miracles and tells the man in this clip, who has cerebral palsy that if he grows his beard and lives and Orthodox Jewish life, he will walk again! However by the end of the clip the miracle is far from convincing.

If you can stomach watching the second clip of Cerullo  forcing a young girl to run and make her say she is not in pain whilst obviously crying because of pain, you’ll see little difference in the showmanship of the two ‘miraclemen”. If you are going to criticise Christian tele-evangelists  for this nonsense, then be consistent and criticise the tele-rebbe too!


Here is a Morris Cerullo ‘healing”. Both are equally shocking manipulations of desperate people, though Cerullo edges ahead on the creepiness front!


Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak and his fertility secret

The ‘miracleman tele-rebbe’, Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak has got a thing about hair, he doesn’t cut this woman’s hair off like he did two young men with ponytails at one of his conversionist rallies (to be posted later), however he tells her the way to get pregnant is to cover her hair for six months without taking off the head-covering.  Think perhaps he was asleep at school during sex education! The end of the clip has the happy couple with their child, more than likly due to them trying harder than her wearing a head-covering.