Eli Yishai and Jewish children

YNet News has reported on an art exhibit ‘Childhood in the Shadow of Deportation,’ organised by the Golconda Gallery, at which event organisers invited Eli Yishai to meet the children of illegal immigrants, and look them in the eye, before deciding whether to deport them.

It doesn’t seem like they’ll be successful. According to Haaretz, Eli Yishai may resign from his position as Interior Minister:

During a conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Yishai warned that if the cabinet rejects his demand that children of foreign workers not be given residency or citizenship in Israel, he will abdicate responsibility for the Immigration Authority, which is currently in his ministry’s purview, to the Prime Minister’s Office, and foment a coalition crisis to boot.

Arutz Sheva reports that Yishai:

would not rest or be quiet until the children of illegal foreign workers are deported, along with their parents.

Haaretz reported Yishai as saying that allowing these children to stay in Israel:

‘is liable to damage the state’s Jewish identity, constitute a demographic threat and increase the danger of assimilation’

Also this week, Yishai has accused Reform Jews of assimilating.

 Despite his role as the Interior Minister of Israel, Yishai lends support to the Yad L’Achim organisation, which seems to have an unhealthy obsession with ‘rescuing’ the children of mixed Arab-Jewish marriages. (Robin Margolis comments on Yad L’Achim’s attitude to these marriages at Jewcy this week).

Most shockingly, Eli Yishai claims to receive regular updates from Yad L’Achim:

“Previously, I only knew of Yad L’Achim’s intensive Pidyon Shvuyim activities through the regular reports I received from Harav Lipschitz, the head of this important organization.

“But this evening, chills ran down my spine when I saw the faces behind the names and stories. This powerful emotion was also felt by Maran who has dedicated his life to Jewish education for every Jewish child. How great is his joy in seeing Jewish children who were seemingly lost, now growing and being educated as faithful Jews.”

David T of Harry’s Place wrote earlier this month:

It is, however, deeply worrying for all those who care about upholding the rule of law and liberal democracy in Israel. Yad L’Achim have an openly anti-secular agenda, and Israel is a secular country. Why is Eli Yishai’s ministry giving them cover? Israel should have Yad L’Achim outlawed rather than outsourced […] It is only fair that Eli Yishai should make a choice. He should either serve the interests of Israeli citizens and uphold Israeli law and the secular state which protects all Israelis – Jewish, non-Jewish, religious or not – or he should announce that his interests do not line up with the interests of his government, declare himself unfit for his job as Interior Minister, and take up a role in Yad L’Achim. Then at least we all know where he stands.

So whilst Yishai is willing to support the deportation of the children of illegal workers, he is seemingly happy to bend Israeli law in order to support Yad L’Achim, who have targeted the children of Messianic Jews, and pursue children of mixed-marriages.

How does this make any sense?

Posted by Yeze.