Jews for Judaism’s Vapid Response Unit

Have no fear Jews for Judaism’s Vapid Response Unit is here to save your souls from being saved!

The brave advice Julius Ciss, ex-missionary and head of Jews for Judaism, gives is just don’t talk to them “If you encounter a missionary, don’t engage him or her…” Even a brief meeting, acknowledgement or, G-d forbid, any form of conversation with the dreaded missionary beast, may lead to infection and… slow conversion!

What a paranoid world Ciss must live in with the members of his militaristic ‘task force’ as they patrol the minds of others to protect them from even themselves! Oh well that must be the burden they bear when they believe they have the soul rights over others.

Introducing Julius Ciss – anything you can do I can do…

Julius Ciss in action (center)

Introducing Julius Ciss – anything you can do I can do…  

Introducing Julius Ciss the Toronto director of Jews for Judaism, the alter ego of Jews for Jesus. Ciss was a Hebrew Christian and claims he was  a former Jews for Jesus missionary before converting to Orthodox Judaism. His own account states he converted to Christianity, rather than converting to Yeshua as genuine disciples would experience and explain their spiritual encounter. His testimony is further examined here. Yet again with such cases external corroborative information for his claims are hard to come by. 

Ciss is another in the increasing list of anti-missionaries and anti-Messianics who used to be non-Jewish Christians or Messianic Jews who are now making their living fighting those who believe what they used to believe. The anti-missionary cottage industry is a well-financed, well organised network of organisations and activists populated by whose lives still seem defined by what they used to believe, one wonders what position in Judaism they would have if they did not claim to have been once followers of Jesus! The easy route to frum fame and a secure job is to claim to be have been a missionary or Messianic Jew. Once a missionary always a missionary as we can see by the mirror image of Jews for Jesus/Jews for Judaism, their methodology, terminology, fund-raising to save souls etc. This is done by hysterical language such as his claim in London in 2009 that “Christians are creating a spiritual holocaust in our communities by converting Jews.”  

Ciss states in an interview. “I probably wouldn’t be a committed Jew today if it wasn’t for that,” he says. “I had almost assimilated, I was assimilating at warped speed. In my guts, I had Jewishness though. I felt uncomfortable in church. In hindsight, you could say that I got to Judaism through the back door.” 

Well it seems like without missionaries and Messianic Jews, normal run-of-the-mill  Judaism would have been a bit boring for Ciss and the many anti-missionaries who seem to need more to make their religious experience a bit more sexy meaningful!  

Julius Ciss’s Love Bomb

Read the story on and the Akiva Society about a Messianic Jew “rescued” by “counter”-missionary Julius Ciss.

This story is actually believable, unlike Aish’s miserable last attempt.

Last year, Jewcy criticised Aish’s hypocrisy for bashing Messianic missionaries, given that Aish too are a missionary organisation.

Aish’s late founder Noam Weinberg even considers secular Jewish parents as stealing the souls from Jews at infancy, and thinks secular Jewish children must be rescued, asserting Aish’s soul rights over every child.

How is this any different from the accusations Aish level against Messianic missionaries?

Ironically, whilst Aish criticise Messianic Jews for being a “cult”, many secular Jews consider Aish themselves to be a cult.

Interestingly, on the comments on the new Aish article, Ciss writes:

Sometimes, all the arguments in the world cannot compete against the incredible ‘love-bombing’ that one may experience when missionaries are determined to win you over. And that ‘love-bombing’ can be very genuine and refreshing to a lonely Jewish person, like Misha, who may have no connection with Judaism. When depressed, one might easily respond to anyone who shows unconditional love… be it a Missionary, Cult or New Age recruiters. And it happens all the time. We have to exceed in showing love to our fellow Jews, as Olga did, so that missionaries and cults don’t get to them before we do.

Here Ciss is saying that Aish must copy the missionary tactics, so why then does Ciss’ organisation Jews For Judaism routinely complain about missionary tactics?

When it comes to Aish, it’s one rule for them and another rule for everyone else – however I haven’t ever heard of a Messianic missionary accusing Jewish parents of stealing the souls of their own children at birth. Have you?