Gary Burge attacks Christians with a “Jewish theology” and “Jewish worldview”

Gary Burge speaking to Hank Hanegraaff at 42:13:

If I am thinking Christian-ly, how should I think about the land? Too often in my conversations with Christians, they are actually doing Jewish theology. They are working out of Genesis and Ezekiel, and they’re working out a theological view of the Middle East which is very much embedded in a Jewish worldview. And yet I am asking the next question, I am asking, did not the arrival of Christ, did not the teachings of Paul, change all this?


Antisemitism at Wheaton College

Wheaton College are hosting Stephen Sizer tomorrow night, to discuss the “lobby“. Who is this lobby?

Sizer claims “the Israeli lobby” buys every single US politician.

He has also made a ludicrous claim about the “Jewish lobby” in his first book on Christian Zionism (p.54 of PDF file):

In America the Jewish lobby realised the potential significance of wooing the political endorsement of the powerful 50-60 million Evangelical block vote through their fundamentalist leadership.

So you can imagine who “the lobby” is Sizer is talking about. Jews.

This will set the tone for a “24 Hour Middle East Leadership Briefing” at Wheaton College.

Although that sounds an important title, you should realise, these people are not Middle Eastern leaders in any way. Some might be pastors or priests in the Middle East, others are just laymen.

There is a good chance that they are also meeting to plan for the Christ at the Checkpoint 2014 conference, details of which will be released shortly.

After the embarrassment of CATC 2012, in which they welcomed and honoured PA politicians who discriminate proudly against Palestinian Christians, one wonders what to expect from CATC 2014.

At the Wheaton College event –  hosted by Gary Burge – there is a particularly awful person called Mark Braverman, who seems to think that Christians should have Jews on-trial. He is on-record as saying:

“To our Christian sisters and brothers I say — do not, out of a sense of guilt for anti-Semitism, give the Jewish people a free pass.”

A “free pass”? As in, don’t not view Jews with suspicion?

More of the same, then, as we have come to expect from this crowd.

One day after CATC2012, pro-Israel church deemed “no longer legitimate” by PA

Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 ended 9th March 2011. The conference programmer was Stephen Sizer, who wishes to use police resources to silence critics of his views.

It invited the Palestinian Authority prime minister Salim Fayyad, and the PFLP-supporting mayor of Bethlehem Victor Batarseh. Batarseh was blacklisted by the USA for funding the PFLP. Camera notes:

The PFLP, one of the largest factions in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) after Fatah, staged 122 attacks, murdering 18 Israelis, in 1991 alone. In 2006, the PFLP criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for condemning a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, claimed responsibility for attacking Israeli border guards after a failed attempt to kidnap a soldier, and reportedly joined with Palestinian Islamic Jihad in terrorist attempts.

Only last month, Batarseh attended a PFLP-led commemoration of the life of its founder George Habash, whom Time Magazine has called “Terrorism’s Christian Godfather.”

We previously noted how CATC 2010 welcomed Bethlehem governor Abdul Fattah Hamayel, a former Fatah member who recently put a man on trial for criticising PA medical services. We wondered why Christ at the Checkpoint was associating itself with these authoritarian, pro-violence figures.

This week we have discovered some appalling news from the Palestinian Authority which is overseen by the likes of Fayyad, Batarseh and Hamayel. Algeimer now reports:

A week after Prime Minister Salam Fayyad told an audience of Evangelical Protestants from across the world that his government respected the rights of its Christian minorities, officials from the Palestinian Authority have informed Bethlehem pastor Rev. Naim Khoury that his church lacked the authority to function as a religious institution under the PA.

The church can still gather to pray, for now, but the PA’s decision conveyed on Saturday will have a real impact on the members of First Baptist, which endured numerous bomb attacks during the First Intifada.

“They said that our legitimacy as a church from a governmental point of view is not approved,” said Khoury’s son, Steven, who serves as an assistant pastor at First Baptist. “They said they will not recognize any legal paper work from our church. That includes birth certificates, wedding certificates and death certificates. Children are not even considered to be legitimate if they don’t have recognized paperwork.”

The irony, Steven said, is that the PA’s announcement comes right after the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference. This conference, which took place from March 5 through March 9, 2012 was a gathering of approximately 600 Evangelical Protestants from across the globe (mostly from the United States) to discuss the theology of Christian Zionism, which some Evangelicals believe increases the prospect of violence in the Middle East and gives support to Israeli policies that they do not like.

During the opening night of the conference, Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad told the assembly that his government respected the rights of Christians. Palestinians celebrate religious holidays together, PA officials attend Christmas celebrations and even attend Midnight Mass for Christmas, Fayyad said.

Russ Resnik writes:

After a further conversation with Pastor Steven Khoury, I realize that the church was told that the Palestinian Authority no longer considers them legitimate and will no longer accept any paper work from them, such as baptismal or wedding certificates.

Our question is this: why does the PA no longer consider Khoury’s church to be legitimate?

Jerusalem Post on Christ at the Checkpoint

“Christ at the Checkpoint” conference is a misguided attempt to defend Palestinians. Writes Malcolm Hedding for the Jerusalem Post today:

Certain segments of evangelical Christianity are being drawn away from the movement’s traditional support for Israel by those claiming the moral high ground in advocating for “social justice.” Many of these liberal, anti-Israel Evangelicals are showing up at the “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference in Bethlehem this week. They invariably view Israel as an occupying power oppressing the Palestinians. They use Israel’s security “Wall” as a prominent symbol of the “injustices” being committed against the Palestinians. One has to admit that the imagery is powerful and it takes well informed minds to counter them.

The lack of information has started to dupe many Evangelicals, who are being shamed into abandoning Israel because they are supposedly uncompassionate and blocking peace. Indeed, this new initiative aims to totally discredit pro-Israel Evangelicals with clever lies and distortions. As David Solway recently observed in this paper, “The usual understanding of Israel as an aggressive, colonial, apartheid state robbing the Palestinians of their heritage is quite possibly the greatest political scam of modern times. It is the outcome of a mixture of historical amnesia, ideological prejudice and reflex hostility, which keep it mind-proof.”

Read full article here 

Miranda Pinch arranges church meeting for Christ at the Checkpoint organiser

St John’s Parish Church in Hampshire reports:

With God on Our Side: Film showing of With God on Our Side introduced by Rev. Dr Stephen Sizer with question time to follow. A look at what Christian Zionism teaches and the real implications it has for the people of the MiddleEast. Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm in St John’s Church. For more info please contact Miranda Pinch 01962 732064 or

Who is Miranda Pinch?

The Jewish Chronicle revealed in May 2010:

Christian Aid has apologised “unreservedly” after it claimed Israeli settlers had sexually abused Palestinian children in Hebron. The false allegations came after Miranda Pinch, a social worker from Winchester, had travelled to the West Bank town in January to “monitor human rights abuses” as part of an accompaniment programme part-funded by the charity. The 59-year-old, who converted from Judaism to Christianity, returned from the trip and told Christian Aid that a Palestinian headmistress had made allegations of verbal abuse.

But promoting Ms Pinch’s trip, Christian Aid said the headmistress had alleged that “some of the children had been sexually abused on their way home” by Israeli settlers. Asked how the charity had come to make the claim, Ms Pinch said the organisation had “lost their notes” after she reported back to them following her trip. She said she had clearly explained that there was no evidence of physical sexual abuse.

Ms Pinch, who said she is proud of her Jewish heritage, explained: “Twice a day our role was to be there for the children. One of us stood by the checkpoint and the other by the school. The headmistress told me that on one occasion, when we were not there, a group of girls were verbally sexually harassed by soldiers and settlers. “I was not saying there were actual sexual attacks. I have got to be straight on this. I am not aware of any sexual abuse.”

Earlier this year, Ms Pinch spoke at the Portsmouth & South Downs Palestine Solidarity Campaign – alongside Tony Greenstein, who tried to rig a pollwith York PSC chair Terry Gallogly, in order to make Jews look racist.

Stephen Sizer is a member of PSC, and recently spoke to a PSC audience inHammersmith, entertaining various antizionist and at least one Holocaust denier. Sizer has just posted a link to the Klu Klux Klan-admiring Palestine Telegraph (click to enlarge):

This, as Sizer organises the international Christ at the Checkpoint conference, which he claims will bring a more moral theology to Israel/Palestine.

One of Sizer’s congregants, Tony Gratrex, helps to run the Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and also thinks the Jews control the media.

This is some what’s going on, in the attempts of PSC activists to influence the Church of England. It’s hardly the way, the truth and the life.

Evangelical Christian Speaks at Chabad of Weston

Here’s a cool story.

The Telegraph reported in 2008:

Mosab Hassan Yousef, 30, said that his decision to abandon his Muslim faith and denounce his father’s organisation had exposed his family to persecution in his home town of Ramallah and endangered his own life.

But despite the cost, Mr Yousef told The Daily Telegraph that he is convinced that speaking out about the problems of Islam and the “evil” he witnessed back home would help to address the “messed-up situation” in the Middle East and one day bring about peace and enable him to return.


Mr Yousef was raised as a Muslim by his politically powerful family. His father, Hassan Yousef, a highly respected sheikh born in the West Bank town of al-Ghaniya near Ramallah, is a founding member of Hamas, whose military wing has instigated dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel since it was formed in 1987.


He said that after he converted to Christianity, he decided he had to escape and “live my life away from violence because I couldn’t coexist with that situation as a Christian.”

Crown Heights now reports:

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founder and leader of the terrorist organization Hamas, was a key member of the movement. Yet he gave up position, power and the love of his parents to spy for the Shin Bet, Israel’s intelligence service.Yousef provided information that foiled suicide bombings and led to the deaths of Hamas leaders and the imprisonment of many members of the organization.

Mosab Hassan Yousef recounted his transformation and his experiences working with the Shin Bet in the book “Son of Hamas.”

During his visit to South Florida, the 33-year-old Yousef spoke last Wednesday to more than 500 people during an appearance in Weston sponsored by the Chabad of Weston and the Daniel Cantor Wultz Foundation. On Thursday, he addressed two Chabad of Downtown audiences in Miami.

Yousef, who was born in Ramallah in the West Bank, said Israeli soldiers severely beat him when he was 17-years-old. Soon afterward he was contacted by the Shin Bet to spy for Israel and imprisoned for 16 months to “not arouse suspicion.”

He said during his time in prison he saw Palestinians torturing other Palestinians. Hamas wanted to know who gave information to the Israelis, Yousef said. Hundreds were tortured and 16 were killed. Not one had a relationship with Israel, he said.

Yousef said he asked himself, “What is the difference between Israeli soldiers and the Hamas military wing?” He said, “For the first time I started to question the reality of the movement my father established.”

Yousef said he eventually came to see that Israel was not the enemy. “We are the enemies of ourselves,” he said. “Our leaders sent us to death for their own reasons and they still do. They care about their bank accounts and their positions. They lie to you on a daily basis for their selfish gain.”

During a visit to a Christian Bible study class, Yousef heard the teachings of Jesus to “love your enemy.” He said, “At that point, everything started to change in my life. The love that I have toward the Jewish nation is real because of the love of Jesus Christ.”

During a question and answer session following his talk in Weston, Yousef said, “There should have been a Palestinian state 50 years ago if the Palestinians wanted a state.” Instead, he said, “they wanted to destroy Israel.”

The establishment of a Palestinian state now will “destroy the dreams of the Palestinian people. They think they will be free. A Palestinian state will bring war to the region and the Palestinians will be the first to pay that price.”

Yousef was asked about the likelihood that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who is being held captive by Hamas, will be freed in exchange for Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons.

“Israel has no choice but to give back the Palestinians,” Yousef said. But Hamas has a long list of extremely dangerous terrorists. He said he hopes that Israel will receive “solid information” so that Shalit can be rescued.

Yousef, who received political asylum and lives in the U.S., said he is working on a “Son of Hamas” movie and an expose about Mohammed.

Howard Steinlauf of Weston said Yousef’s talk “opened up my eyes. I wish the president of the United States had been here tonight to hear this.”

Tuly Wultz, whose 16-year-old son Daniel died from injuries he received in a suicide bombing while father and son were eating at a Tel Aviv café five years ago, had been skeptical about Yousef and his motives for writing the book.

“I definitely learned much more about him,” Wultz said. “He was really sincere. You could see that he was kind of distraught about Daniel.”

Yousef had a great message, Wultz said. “I wish some other people in the world would wake up like him and we would be in a better place.”

Yousef’s message is “very, very powerful,” Rabbi Yisroel B. Spalter, director of the Chabad of Weston, said. He has a remarkable story and “a lesson for everyone to get out of your comfort zone and speak truth, no matter what it takes.”

Former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel on the Rebbe: “He Is Higher Than Any Angel”


R. Eliyahu
R. Eliyahu

Mordechai Eliyahu on the Rebbe:

“I saw that no secret is hidden from him, and I mean that simply and explicitly. He knows all of the Talmud, Poskim (legal precedents) and in the Mystical works his understanding is VERY VERY deep. He is the master of light. He is a master of all the Torah. And is an expert on everything that is happening in Israel. His face shines like an angel of G-d and he himself is higher than any angel. He is the greatest Torah master in our generation and no one is even close to him…”